Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera Review

From Crenova, the Game and Trail Hunting Camera is one of the best trail cameras for the price. While I’m not too familiar with the manufacturer’s other products, this trail hunting camera has got a nice array of features that gives it the functionality of a more expensive camera, but with the price tag of a mid-range camera. It’s still not a perfect camera, by any means, but it’s certainly one of the better ones being offered right now for less than $100.

Image Quality

The first thing one will notice about the camera is just how good the image quality on it is. At 12-megapixels, it sports one of the best resolutions on the market. Additionally, it’s also capable of recording 1020p HD video, delivering a clear, crisp picture that looks impressive when played back on a big-screen television. The black-and-white night display looks extra-sharp, as well, making night shots look almost as good as the daytime shots.

Capture by Crenova Game and trail hunting camera

Battery Life

Additionally, the camera sports an impressive battery life, given it’s 8 AA battery capacity. The Amazon storefront page boasts of a 6-month battery life, and many of the reviews on the page concur with this. Given that many other trail cameras using the same types of batteries only last for maybe 3 months, this is pretty impressive.

crenova_game_and_trail_hunting_camera_reviewCamera Size

The camera is also quite small, with a small build profile that is neither intrusive or noticeable when mounted in the forest. At almost 7 by 5 inches, it’s quite small compared to other cameras, and the camo design on the front, while rather simplistic, blends in really well with its surroundings. When mounted properly, high in a tree, it’s hardly noticeable by deer or potential thief.

Price and Value

And then there’s the matter of price, which I briefly touched on before. The camera normally retails at around $270, and given its features that’s quite understandable. But, at least on Amazon at the time of this writing, the camera now sits at a nice $95 price, making this camera just about irresistible. Many cameras at around this price certainly do not have the resolution or battery life of this camera; the Browning Strike Force Elite, while otherwise an excellent camera, has only a 10-megapixel display and 720p video output!

Ease of Use

Now, prior to reviewing this trail camera, I had not heard of Crenova. And, while this is an excellent camera for the price, a few flaws about it give the impression that there may be a good reason why Crenova isn’t as well known as Bushnell or Browning.

First of all, something has to be said about the surprising difficulty with which to actually use the camera. The camera isn’t very difficult to set up, at least for those who have experience messing with these things. However, this camera just isn’t very beginner friendly, and that’s mostly the fault of a confusing manual. Written by someone who doesn’t have a very good grasp of the English language, the manual is filled with typos and confusing directions, making setting the camera up difficult for those who aren’t used to doing so. Some newer reviews have noted that the manual has been improved in later orders, though the one that came with mine is still illegible.

Build Quality

One thing that hasn’t been improved, as far as I can tell, is the apparent build quality of crenova_game_and_trail_hunting_camera_informationthe camera. While the insides sport an impressive display within a small case design, the camera itself feels cheap and fragile. Some reviewers have also complained about the build quality, with some cameras breaking fairly early for some people. I would advise caution for those who intend to use this camera in areas prone to harsh and destructive weather.


  • Very Good Picture Quality
  • Great Battery Life
  • Small Build
  • High-Range Functionality at Mid-Range Price


  • Somewhat Difficult to Use, Manual Hard to Read
  • Build Quality Seems Cheap


All in all, despite my reservations concerning the quality of the instructions and the build quality of the camera, I’d still advise you check this trail camera out. It’s not everyday you find a camera that can shoot high-definition images and video for less than $150, let alone $95. Plus, with the impressive battery life and the small, sleek design, it’s quite a unit indeed. I recommend giving the Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera a go if you’re looking for that elusive fully-featured, but inexpensive, camera.


This is a review sponsored and written by dtrgroup


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