5 reasons why a Dyu Smart Bike D1 should be your next buy

With world cities suffering more and more from traffic jams, bicycles are getting more popular to transport yourself in the city. But what if you need to cover a big distance you say? Y-The Dyu Smart Bike D1 might just be the solution you need. Here are five reasons why it should be your next buy.

Reason 1: Constant speed cruising

Not only will the e-bike make the physical effort minimal, but the cruise button will make sure your bike will work at constant speed. The auto speed adjusting allows you to adjust the speed with an app.

Reason 2: Lightweight

12kg, that all of the weight you need to Carry when holding the bike. The comfortable handle makes it even easier to pick it up and transport it. The bike length of 1 meter doesn’t only make the Dyu Smart Bike D1 space-effective, but allows you to fold it to a small and easily to be carried package.

Reason 3:  Intelligent locking system

Bike theft is a common problem in most world cities. The intelligent locking system however will give you a peace of mind when parking your bike. You can unlock the e-bike with a personalized password by using an app.

Reason 4: Malfunction self checking

You are a halfway your home and your work when your bike breaks down. Tough luck? Not with the Dyu Smart Bike D1. The malfunction self checking application can be used to detect malfunctions early and prevent being stranded halfway your journey.

Reason 5: Long mileage

E-bikes do tend to run out of battery easily. But not this one. Cycling 20 kilometer is no exception while the deluxe version reaches twice the distance easily. Extra plus: it only takes 2 hours to charge the battery.

Interested in purchasing the Dyu Smart Bike D1. Send an enquiry or discover more advantages via Fwheel


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