Adventures you should do with your boyfriend or girlfriend

No, we won’t say that you need to be in a relationship before going on an adventure. In fact, there are several reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life. However, some adventures are just too good to be experienced alone. Here are the best adventures to venture on as a couple.

1. Stargazing

Best location: Atacama desert, Chile

There is nothing more romantic than spending the night cuddling with your love while you look at the stars in the sky. The Atacama desert is world-renowned for being the best place to see the stars.

Star Gazing, Sterrenhemel, Astronomie, Universum, Hemel

2. Get lost in a maze

Best location: Longleat Hedge Maze

What is better than being lost alone in a maze? Being lost with your boyfriend or girlfriend ofcourse! Find your way together out of the maze. If you really can’t find the exit, you can cheat by sitting on eachothers back.

3. Rock climbing

Best location: Paklenica NP, Croatia

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor paklenica rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of those outdoor activities you need to two people. Relationships are all about trust, but the same goes for rock climbing as you literally hold the life of your partner in your hands when belaying.

4. Run a crazy marathon together

Best location: everywhere

Running a marathon is a personal challenge. However, you can enter a marathon with your partner as well and keep each other motivated throughout the course. Don’t settle for a city marathon, but enter one of the adventures marathons. These include running the Great Wall in China or running on the ice cap in Greenland.



5. Climb a mountain together

Best mountain: too many options

There are few greater goals to set than climbing towards the summit of an iconic mountain. Set this challenge on your couples bucket list. There is no better way to bond than to climb together.

6. Take a sauna scandinavian style

Best location: Finland

A sauna is one of the best ways to warm up from the cold winter temperatures. In Finland they cool down after a sauna by jumping into the ice-cold water of a lake or by rolling in the snow.  

Het Baikalmeer, Sauna, Bevroren Meer, Sneeuw

7. Enjoy the sunrise from a viewpoint

Best location: too many options

Sunsets are amazing, but sunrises are truly enchanting. The greatest thing about it is that you most probably won’t have to share it with other people. Enjoying the sunrise together from a viewpoint can be a highlight in your relationship. Think about Preikestolen in Norway or combine this with number 5.

8. Lock yourself up in an escape room

Best location: Prison Escape, Breda

Yes, even being locked up in a room or prison with your beloved one can be romantic. (Yes, really!) Work together as a pair to solve the riddles and find the hints.

foto van Dagboek van een avonturier.foto van Dagboek van een avonturier.

9. Skinny dip in a lake

Best location: Scandinavia

Skinny dipping is just more fun when done with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

10. Cliff jump together

Best location: Pembrokeshire, Wales

No better way to bond than living on the edge, literally. Find a great spot to make a leap of faith together.

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