78 degrees North: a kayak expedition in the Arctic

Kayaking solo on Svalbard, one of the most remote wilderness regions in the high North. Spitsbergen is located in the Arctic and populated with over 3000 polar bears.


How we survived a polar bear encounter

Over 3000 polar bears roam Spitsbergen, an archipelago in the Arctic. On our last day of the expedition we ran into three polar bears.

Pyramiden: a fallen Soviet Utopia

Pyramiden. An abandoned and remote Russian settlement on the Svalbard archipelago that used to be an Utopia. Nowadays it’s an utopia for urban exploring.

Sailing North: An Arctic journey in the footsteps of Amundsen

Sailing to the Arctic. One of the greatest adventure voyages in history. This time I’m part of a sailing crew on the Hummingbird, heading north to Spitsbergen.

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