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5 surprising things you didn't know about holidaying in Egypt

Steeped in ancient history, the North African country of Egypt conjures images of pyramids, temples and hieroglyphics. Here are a few things that you might be surprised to know about holidaying here.

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Top things to do in Croatia

At the end of the month I’m guiding another group along some of Croatia’s finest places and adventures. I had the opportunity to do the same last September and had an amazing time in this incredible country. Here are some…

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Best destinations to wild camp in Europa

Camping is fun, but wild camping is the superlative. You are completely one with nature, you go all the way back to basic. It is an unique experience for those who love nature. And here are the best places to do so. 

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What not to miss during a sailing trip in Dubai

Dubai is the most populated city in the Arab Emirates. Their innovative large building projects and sports events make it an increasingly popular destination. You probably know it mainly from its skyscrapers and tall buildings but did you know that…

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Thrilling adventures in the UK you should try!

The UK is often described as a bit dull in comparison to other exotic destinations. However, when we planned our roadtrip in 2015 we wanted to do as many adventurous things as possible. We ended up traveling for a whole…

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Climate Change – why we can’t keep ignoring it

Climate change has been a hot topic these last few weeks in Belgium. Demonstrations for climate justice are a weekly affair, but still it’s only a minority of people who believe that actions should be taken. A sad reality. The…

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Adventures you should do with your boyfriend or girlfriend

No, we won’t say that you need to be in a relationship before going on an adventure. In fact, there are several reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life. However, some adventures are just too…

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5 adventures to share with your dog

Man’s best friend often is his best travel companion as well. Here are five adventures you can em-bark (get it?) on with your dog.

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