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New Zealand: an adventurous destination for thrillseekers

New Zealand is synonym for unspoilt nature that ranges from big waves to snow-capped mountains. A great setting to hike or surf, but the Kiwi’s have better plans. They are some of the most friendly and easy-going people that are willing to give you an extra confidence boost to make that leap of faith. Here are five adrenaline pumping adventures for thrillseekers.


If you think rugby is the national sport in New Zealand, think again. In a country where you can go skydiving even before breakfast, there is little doubt about how much Kiwis love thrilling adventures. Plummeting to the earth after having jumped out of an airplane is insane and can only be justified if you do it with a nice backdrop. Fortunately, New Zealand has plenty of those.

Bungy jumping

Another adventure that gets you falling to the ground (and up again, and down again, you get the point) is bungy. In Queenstown you’ll find the Kawarau Bridge, the site of the world’s first commercial bungy jump. If bungy jumping is on your list, make sure to do it here.
Bungy jumping (source:


Are you also starting to believe that jumping off high places is an unofficial national sport in New Zealand? Well with this sport you’re not actually falling towards the ground but you are soaring through the air at high speed…after having jumped of a high place offcourse.

White water rafting

Since you are never that far from a fast-flowing river, conquering rapids during white water rafting is a major thing in New Zealand. They have rapids starting at a gentle grade I till the  highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world in Rotorua (7 meter). Let’s see if you make it without capsizing.


This one seems like fun. As long as you don’t think too much about it. Getting into a plastic ball and roll down a hill is a must try if you are in New Zealand. Just make sure you don’t fall off a cliff.

Helihiking Fox Glacier

Your Christchurch hotel actually is a very good base if you’re planning on helihiking the Fox glacier. The glacier is situated in the Mount Cook national park, on the West Coast of South Island. The road from Christchurch to Mount Cook is a very scenic one. Allthough I’ll bet the views will get even better while your fly in by helicopter and hike Fox glacier.


If you suffer vertigo, than bungy and skydiving will not be your kind of activity but personally I think this one is even worse. If you weren’t claustrophobic to begin with, you’ll be it after you have been caving in New Zealand. They have some of the most challenging caving systems in the world. From the spectacular Waitomo Caves to the deepest sinkhole in Nelson. It feels like I’m stuck already.

Walking the edge at Auckland Sky Tower

Even if you are not in the outdoors you can have a thrilling adventure. Auckland is home to one of the most thrilling activities in New Zealand. Attach yourself to a rope (it’s not considered cheating) and walk on the edge of the observation area of the Auckland Sky tower. Be carefull, since it’s only a narrow ledge.
Walk the edge (source:

Things to do in Bagan, Myanmar

Southeast Asia has many architectural wonders such as Angkor wat, Ta Prohm or the temples in Bali. But if there is one temple complex not to be missed, it’s Myanmar-based Bagan. With over 4400 temples, a trip to Myanmar without a stop in Bagan is unthinkable. Here are some of the best Bagan travel experiences.


350 dollar is a lot of money for a balloon trip that will fly you over the archeological zone of Bagan. But if you want to tick it off your bucket list, you have no other option. Some travelers hope by booking a flight while they are there, they will find a cheaper rate. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The 350 dollar price is a fixed amount offered by all three ballooning companies in Bagan (Balloons over Bagan, Oriental ballooning and Golden Eagle ballooning). If you have limited time in Bagan and you want to experience a balloon flight, it’s better to book in advance to make sure there are spots available. A balloon flight includes transfer from the hotel to launching site, early morning breakfast, flight (offcourse) and champagne celebration afterwards.


E-biking or cycling

Not everyone coughs up the huge amount of money to make a balloon flight over the pagoda’s. No worries, there are still other ways of exploring Bagan. The best way (and the one every, literally every, tourist uses) to explore the temple complex is by renting a bicyle or e-bike. These are available at pretty much every hotel or corner of the street. In contrast to ballooning, renting a bike is really cheap. It will only cost you a few 1000 kyat (1$) for the day. I recommend renting an e-bike (which is still very cheap) since temperatures in Bagan can rise over 30 degrees easily and the the combination with the sandy roads can make it a really hard experience. E-bikes however are electric motorbikes that are easy to drive with and make your exploring journey more fun and enjoyable.


Climb a pagoda and watch sunset/sunrise

Ballooning and cycling in Bagan are two top travel activities, but the most memorable experience you can witness is without doubt watching a sunset or sunrise while you are on top of a pagoda. One hour before sunset, when the temperatures have slightly dropped, travelers are racing to one of the nearest pagoda’s they can reach, climb the steep stairs and sit on the edge waiting for a nature spectacle of a lifetime. Don’t be mistaken, you will not be the only one there. Even better than sunset is going to the pagoda before sunrise. Not only is the view even better, the crowds (a little) smaller, but you have the chance to see the balloons flying over the temples of Bagan, making it one of the best photo opportunities.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


7 best places to canoe or kayak in the USA

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind some adrenaline pumping activities, hitting the open waters with your kayak might be one of the best things to do. From open water lakes to white water river rapids, here are the best places in the USA to have your next paddling adventure!

  1. Colorado River

This legendary river, flowing across three different states is one hell of an adventure. Incredible rapids, awesome scenery and offcourse, paddling in the Grand Canyon. There is nothing better than experiencing the grandeur of this nature wonder from down below.

Colorado River
  1. Salmon river, Idaho

Accepting the challenge of conquering various rapids in the middle of nowhere. This is the experience you will get when paddling the Salmon river in Idaho state. Starting on a rushing alpine river and ending in a majestic desert canyon, the landscape is as diverse as it can get.

Salmon river
  1. Chattooga River, South Carolina/Georgia

This wilderness river is legen… wait for it… DARY amongst paddlers. Riding class V rapids to soothing paddling trips in the summer, this river has it all. There are plenty of canoeing rental companies to be found in the area. Check them out here.

  1. Arkansas river, Colorado

If you’re looking for an epic paddling adventure in the middle of the Rockies, there is no better option than the Arkansas river. It is considered the ultimate rafting destination, flowing on class II to V rapids while enjoying the scenery of fourteeners.

  1. Tuolumne River, California

There is no lack of paddling options in California and still this river stands out. The Tuolumne river is one of the most scenic in the country. Flowing across Yosemite NP plunging into the Cherry Creek section, this is one incredible paddling journey.

Tuolumne River
  1. Everglades National Park, Florida

Most of the Everglades is swampland, but it offers some perfect canoeing possibilities. Dolphins, racoons and alligators are some of most impressive wildlife to keep an eye on. With the many islands you can paddle around, the Everglades offer a great outdoor adventure.

Everglades NP
  1. Boundary waters canoe area, Minnesota

The Boundary waters canoe area in Minnesota, situated on the border of northeastern Minnesota and the southwest border of northwestern Ontario is considered as the mecca of canoeing. With alot of lakes, rivers and woodlands, it’s a perfect setting for a multi-day journey.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Are you looking to rent a canoe for your next paddling adventure in the USA? Check out to review & search where to rent a canoe by facility name/zip code/city name


Vijf avonturen die je deze winter moet geprobeerd hebben

Ben je iemand die verlangt naar de warme temperaturen van de zomer of kan je best genieten van een winters sneeuwtapijt terwijl je de kou trotseert op een of ander avontuur? Met deze vijf winterse avonturen overtuigen we zelfs de grootste zonneklopper om de koude temperaturen te trotseren.

  1. Husky tour

Geen avonturier die dit niet op zijn bucket list heeft staan. Met een roedel huskies grote dogs-891952_960_720afstanden afleggen in het hoge Noorden is een van de meest tot de verbeelding sprekende activiteiten in de wintermaanden. Je verplaatsen met de slee is voor de lokale bevolking een must om ergens te geraken, terwijl de toerist graag van de ervaring geniet. Onlangs probeerde ik nog dit te winnen met de Fjallraven Polar maar je kan ook gewoon ter plaatse een huskyrit boeken.

2. Het Noorderlicht aanschouwen

aurora-1185464_960_720Het aurora borealis ofwel het noorderlicht is een van de vele natuurwonderen waarvan je kan getuige zijn als je in de wintermaanden in het hoge Noorden vertoeft. Of je dit nu ziet tijdens een huskytocht, een sneeuwmobielrit of gewoon vanuit je hotelkamer, de ervaring is een van de mooiste die je kan meemaken.

3. IJsklimmen

Klimmen is een van de mooiste sporten die er bestaat en hoewel de zomermaanden ideaal zijn voor een alpiene beklimming, kun je ook in de wintermaanden varianten hiervan uitproberen. IJsklimmen is hiervan een uitstekend voorbeeld. Gebruik je armen en benen om bevroren watervallen of bergwanden te beklimmen. Wie liever een eerste kennismaking maakt met het alpinisme kan naar de Highlands reizen en een winterbeklimming van een van de Munro’s voor zijn rekening nemen.


4. Wolf tracking

Beren, elanden, lynxen of wolven. Wie nog naar Zweden of Finland is gereisd zal stiekem gehoopt hebben een van deze dieren te kunnen spotten. Helaas zijn ze zo schuw dat een glimp opvangen van een van deze wilde dieren enkel is weggelegd voor de lucky few. Wil je toch een wolf in je nabijheid voelen, dan kan ik je een wintersafari wolf tracking aanraden. Het witte sneeuwdek verraadt soms het pad van de wolf aan de hand van zijn sporen.

5. Op de latten

Erg populair onder de wintersportliefhebbers is uiteraard skiën. De Alpen zijn een perfecte vakantiebestemming voor wie graag op de latten staat. Je kan uiteraard ook snowboarden, rodelen of gewoon langlaufen. Achteraf geniet je van een lekkere kaasfondue in een Zwitserse berghut.

Welk winters avontuur zou jij nog graag uitproberen? 


Myanmar: experience the Golden triangle

Myanmar is often referred to as the eversmiling country. With locals who are considered as one of the friendliest in the world, the country has been in the shade of neighbour Thailand for a long time but the raising number of visitors has shown that Myanmar is hot on the Southeast Asia travel trail right now. Most of them stay on the Golden triangle, a travel itinerary highly popular amongst travelers. Here are a few experiences not to be missed during your visit.

Making a three day hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake

When you visit Kalaw in the mountainous area of Myanmar, you’ll find plenty of trekking organizations who are willing (for a 40$ fee offcourse) to take you along the agricultural life of Burmese people. An impressive view on the rice fields, a one or two night stay in a tribe village is often regarded as the highlight of a Myanmar trip.

Three day hike from Kalaw to Inle lake

Traveling with a rattling old train

There are plenty of options to travel across Myanmar. Private or shared taxis and (VIP) buses are the most popular ones since you’ll travel fast and quite cheap to your next destination. However, if you want to have a truly unique (and yes, horrifying) experience you should take the train at least once during your stay. Costing no more than a few 1000 kyats (1-5$), it’s by far the cheapest and slowest way of traveling in the country. Don’t lett the term ‘upperclass ticket’ fool you. You’ll have one bumpy ride.

Traveling with the train in Myanmar is adventurous…and time-consuming

Exploring the incredible complex of Bagan with an e-bike

With over 2000 pagodas and temples, Bagan is an immense complex to explore. By foot impossible, by road a bit boring… There are two great ways to soak in the expanse of the temple complex. An expensive balloon flight or … exploring by e-bike. This latter is by far the cheapest option. You can rent bicycles at 1$/day and e-bikes (recommended) at 6$/day.

Exploring Bagan with an e-bike

Climbing to the top of one the pagodas to see the sunset or sunrise above Bagan

For travelers that a balloon flight is too expensive there is great alternative. Some of the biggest temples of Bagan are accessible to climb. Wake up at 5am and hurry up to see the sunrise from the top of one of the pagodas. The sight of a dozen balloons is a free extra.

Climb atop of one of the pagodas and this will be your view

Treat yourself with a cruise on the Irrawaddy river

We got bored quite quickly of taking the buses to reach our destination. Therefore we opted to take a boat cruise from Mandalay to Bagan on the Irrawaddy river. A slow but scenic journey.


Travel from Bagan to Inle Lake with a shared bus and discover the real Myanmar

Buses and taxis are the main type of transportation in Myanmar. They are the best way to travel cheap and fast. However we didn’t like spending hours in a VIP touring bus so decided to share a bus with locals when traveling to Kalaw. No doubt we will have ‘lost’ a few hours but traveling the same way as locals is an experience in itself.

Spend a night in one of the tribe villages

As big fans of Airbnb we were a bit disappointed that in Myanmar it wasn’t possible to book a room with locals. The exception was during our three day trek to Inle lake where we spent the night in the house of local people. Sleeping on a wooden floor knowing that there are water buffalos underneath is a real adventure.

Fish like the Intha fishermen on Inle Lake

No worries if you never heard about this one. The fishermen on Inle Lake are a tourist attraction and being subject of the picture taken by tourists is often as far as you can go. However, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a local tour organizer who had just created a new ‘fishing trip’. We were the first ever to try this tour (it was obvious since nor the fishermen, nor our boat owner knew what to do) and after some gestures we were able to convince them to learn us how to fish the tradional way.

A real fisherman
Kinda the same…


Best locations for a ghost hunt in the UK

England is well known for being home to numerous haunted locations. These places in this list are some of the most haunted places in England, with each place being the location of much unexplained paranormal phenomena. Take a spooky ride with us as we explore England’s most haunted places.

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex

This Victorian mansion was the most haunted house in Britain before it was destroyed by fire in 1939. Eventhough it got this reputation after paranormal investigator Harry Price investigated the house, it was alleged to be haunted ever since it was built. The first paranormal events reportedly occurred in about 1863, after some locals heard unexplained footsteps within the house. The years after there were sightings reported of the ghost of a nun, two headless horsemen, a phantom carriage, the phantom ringing of the servant’s bells and bottle-throwing spirits.

2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Since Borley Rectory was destroyed by fire, the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge has claimed the reputation of most haunted house in Britain. It has been the location of many sinister happenings, including child sacrifice, suicide, black magic rituals. Only a few years ago they discovered remains of children and a pagan burial ground. The owner believed that he shared his home with all sorts of spooks – two demons, a witch, orbs and other ghostly presences. The Ancient Ram Inn was often visited by people describing the property as the ‘scariest place’ they’ve ever been to. We tried staying in the Inn in 2015 but unfortunately the 11th century building has been dilapidated and is closed for public. However our short visit in the little town showed us that this house is indeed very spooky. You can still go on a ghost hunt in the Ancient Ram Inn.

Ancient Ram Inn

3. Village of Pluckley, Kent

It doesn’t always have to be houses or castles that are haunted. No, sometimes there are whole villages that are inhabited by ghosts. The village of Pluckley in Kent was named as the most haunted village in Britain by the Guiness Book of Records. Between 12 and 16 ghosts have been reported in the village, including a screaming man, a highwayman who appears at Fright Corner, a schoolmaster found hanged by a group of children and an old woman who used to sit on a bridge smoking.

4. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle
Spending a night in the fourposter bedroom

Chillingham Castle has its  fair share of ghostly tales and encounters. The most famous one being Blue Boy, a ghost of a young boy often seen at midnight in the fourposter bedroom in the Grey Room. In 1920s, during renovation, the bones of a young boy and fragments of blue clothing were actually discovered buried in those great thick walls. We have spent a night in the Grey room during our trip in the UK and had some sinister experiences. Phones ringing without reception, lots of noises in the castle at night, … But no Blue boy unfortunately.

5. Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

Even if there weren’t any ghosts, asylums are a scary place to visit. In Liverpool city centre

Newsham Park Hospital

you’ll find the Newsham Park Hospital, an abandoned asylum formerly used as an orphanage. This location has some dark stories since many of the children were being punished by locking them up in small cupboards in a corridor near the attic. Referred to as the ‘naughty boys corridor’ it’s one of the most haunted places in the building. However the many suicides in the attic and deceased psychiatric patients will have their share in the paranormal activity as well, I guess. We kept vigil in this asylum and witnessed some scary shit in there. Names of participants being called by ghosts, moving items and succesfull tabletipping sessions.

Haunted Rooms

Scenic railway journeys in Europe

Taking the train is one of the fastest ways to travel. Nonetheless not everyone is keen on sitting in a carriage for hours. We do, however, have some arguments to change their minds. Here are some of the most scenic iron highways in Europe, alongside icy fjords, meandering rivers and snow-peaked mountains.

1. Bergen Line with Flåm Railway between Oslo and Bergen (Norway)

Along mountain landscapes you travel straight up on the world’s steepest railway line. This awe-inspiring train journey will show you some of Norway’s very best sceneries.

Distance: 550km

Time: 9 hours

2. West Highland Line (Scotland)

Jacobite stoomtrein
The Jacobite

Originally this railway takes you from Glasgow to Mallaig. The first part from Glasgow to Fort William takes you on the same route as the West Highland Way, giving you splendid views on Loch Lomond and the surrounding Highlands. Once in Fort William you can catch a glimpse of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak. However it’s the second part of the journey that is most famous. In Fort William you step on the Jacobite, a steam train better known as Hogwart’s Express in the Harry Potter movies, through rugged Highlands, finally ending in Mallaig.

Distance: 264km

Time: 6 hours

3. Bernina Express between Chur and Tirano (Switzerland and Italy)

This is only one of the many scenic railway journeys Swizerland has to offer. This train has panoramic windows to explore the alpine views. Do we really need to convince you that this is one of the best train journeys you can make?

Distance: 123km

Time: 4 hours

Bernina Express

4. Glacier Express (Switzerland)

Connecting Zermatt and St Moritz, two of Switzerland’s most reputable ski resorts, you will witnes some of the very finest peaks in the Swiss Alps. Zermatt is most famous for its views on the Matterhorn, world’s most iconic mountain. Price for a ticket is quite expensive though.

Distance: 291km

Time: 7 hours

5. Semmering Line (Austria)

Glacier Express

Over 100 curved stone bridges, the 4,700ft-long Vertex Tunnel and 16 viaducts are only a few of the highlights to soak in during your journey starting at Gloggnitz and leads over the Semmering to Mürzzuschlag.

Distance: 41km

Time: 1 hour


6. Inlandsbanan (Sweden)

This journey takes you across the Arctic Circle in Sweden. It traverses some of the wildest terrain in Scandinavia. Be sure to look out for bears and moose.

Distance: 1300km

Time: 14 hours


Addictive activities in Colombia

Colombia used to have a reputation for being dangerous. Murders, drugs and the risk of being shot in the face by Pablo Escobar made the number of tourists drop like flies that had sniffed cocain. But all of that is gone now since the South American country has risen like a phoenix. Here are some addictive (in a good way) activities in Colombia you can’t miss out while traveling through the South American continent.

Paragliding in Medellin

Floating in the air like a bird is always a thrilling experience. Anyone brave enough will discover that the green mountains and lush valleys are best to be seen from above. The breathtaking scenery will make you gasp for air. And it’s not the altitude talking.


Colombia has unlimited potential for whitewater! From little streams to huge rivers, in the desert or in the jungle, the variety is unequaled! This makes it the perfect paddling destination!

Lost City Trek

Lost City Trek

Argued as one of the best treks on the South American continent, the Lost City trek gives you a real Indiana Jones’ feeling. The trekking to Ciudad Perdida feels like exploring undiscovered area. At the end of seven days of hiking you will reach the ruins of an ancient city. Even though the city isn’t as spectaculair as Macchu Picchu, it should be on your adventure list!

Eating Hormigas Culonas

Literally translated as “big ass ants”. So you know what the challenge will be when eating these bugs who are about  centimeter in size and have a bulging butt, presumably full of protein. This delicacy is to be found in the Santander region in Colombia.

Escobar drugs tour

‘Make your own cocain’ tour

Pablo Escobar may be dead but his tale lives on… in a tour that is. This tour will not only teach you about the life of the notorious drug baron but will show you some of the most important historical sites, such as his grave. It would be a crime to miss it.

Speaking of crime, travelers with no limits can join a ‘Make Your Own Cocaine’ Tour, a entlighting -kinda illegal – tour that shows you the life of drugdealers. You better think twice since you can get busted for just joining this tour.


Belize: an adventurous destination

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path travel destination where you can experience top-notch adventures? Look no further: Belize should be the country entered when buying flight tickets. The Central American nation offers some of the best adventures.

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhen you want adventure you can try one of the adventure races in Belize. Registered teams will be competing eachother in a 500 km race by mountainbiking, canoeing, pack rafting, trekking & orienteering, caving and rappeling. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to deliver a medical form as well.

Diving Glover’s Reef

When searching for the best scubadiving location, people always think of the Great Barrief Reef in Australia. However, Belize’s Glover’s Reef might even be a better option to explore the amazing underwater world. It’s also a great place for sea kayaking.

Rivertubing on Caves Branch River

When kayaking might seem a bit boring to you, Belize has a solution: rivertubing. river-tubing-dominica6Rivertubing is the perfect alternative if you want to float down the many waters in a special way. You will be conquering the gentle currents on a tube!

La Ruta Maya Belize River challenge

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is a gruelling multi-day canoe race travelling a perilous river route across the country of Belize. The route runs West to East along the Macal. This annual competition is entered by 80 canoes paddling 250 km in 4 days!

Jaguar spotting in Cockscomb Basin

Belize offers also adventures where you will be sweating hard without doing very much effort. Tours are offering opportunities to spot jaguars in their natural habitat. However, every guide emphasizes that only with a great deal of luck can you catch a glimpse here, and your chances improve if you are walking the trails at night, or very early in the morning. Consider yourself lucky if you see one.

Caving in Actun Tunichil Muknal

img_0698Even when going below ground level you will find adventures in the Central American country. Actun Tunichil Muknal is a cave located near san Ignacio notable as a Maya archaeological site. Catching glimpses of skeletal remains is an extra thrill to your caving experience.

Avontuurlijk door de Schotse Highlands

Zin in een avontuurlijke reis? Wildkamperen op de meest indrukwekkende plaatsen, wandelen doorheen fantastische landschappen en hoge bergen bedwingen. Je hoeft er niet eens zo ver voor te reizen. De Schotse Highlands staan immers bekend om hun outdoor experience.

Dag 1: Glasgow

Onze ultieme reis doorheen Schotland begint in Glasgow. Deze stad in het zuiden van Schotland is ideaal om naar toe te vliegen. Je kunt er meteen kennismaken met de Schotse kilts, doedelzakken en uiteraard whisky. Maar uiteraard zijn we hier aanbeland om te beginnen met het allereerste avontuur: de West Highland Way.

Dag 2-8: de West Highland Way
West Highland Way

Meer dan 150 kilometer wandelen van Glasgow naar Fort William, de stad aan de voet van de Ben Nevis. En dat allemaal doorheen de Schotse Highlands. De West Highland Way is dé trektocht in Schotland en perfect af te leggen in zeven dagen. Kies je ervoor om onderweg te wildkamperen of toch maar voor een jeugdherberg? Bestel onze e-guide West Highland Way en plan je avontuur volledig zelf!

Dag 9: Beklim de Ben Nevis

De meeste Schotten houden zich bezig met het beklimmen van de Munro’s. Een Munro is

Ben Nevis

een berg in de Highlands die hoger reikt dan 3000 voet (914m). Ze allemaal bedwingen tijdens je vakantie in Schotland is misschien niet echt haalbaar gezien het er meer dan driehonderd zijn maar je kan alvast beginnen met de bekendste: Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis is gelegen vlakbij Fort William, het eindpunt van de West Highland Way en dus een ideale aanvulling voor wie nog energie over heeft. Met 1344m is het de hoogste berg van Schotland én de UK. Je beklimming kan je volledig zelf plannen met de hulp van onze e-guide Three Peaks Challenge.

Dag 10-14: Great Glen Canoe trail
Peddelen op ‘open water’

We bevinden ons nog steeds in Fort William en wie Schotland verder wil verkennen kan dit meteen doen via zijn lochs. Vanuit Banavie, vlakbij Fort William, kun je met de kano verder peddelen over het Caledonian kanaal. Dit kanaal verbindt meren zoals Loch Oich, Loch lochy en Loch Ness en eindigt honderd kilometer verder in Inverness. Peddelen op Loch Ness en wildkamperen op de oevers zijn maar enkele van de hoogtepunten van dit avontuur. Met behulp van onze e-guide Great Glen Canoe trail kom je alles te weten over hoe je dit avontuur plant.

Dag 15: Inverness-Edinburgh

Nu we het hoge noorden van Schotland hebben verkend kunnen we ons avontuur afsluiten in zijn prachtige hoofdstad: Edinburgh. Vanuit Inverness kun je makkelijk met de trein verder reizen richting je eindbestemming. Tickets bestel je echter wel best op voorhand.

Dag 16: Edinburgh

Met een wel erg duister verleden is Edinburgh niet zomaar een stedentrip. Overdag kun je

Schotse tour guide

gezellig slenteren doorheen de Royal Mile of Arthur’s Seat beklimmen. Een Dark Side avond tour boeken is dan weer het ideale moment om je onder te dompelen in de duistere verhalen van Edinburgh.