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Category: How to be an adventurer?

Bear Guide – How to Deal with Grizzlies?

It could just happen to you while walking in one of the US national parks or when adventuring in the wilderness regions of North America: suddenly you come face to face with a grizzly or black bear. Here is what you need to know when hiking in bear territory.

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Wat je Moet Weten voor je Gaat Klimmen

Vooraleer je kan gaan klimmen is het belangrijk om te weten hoe je je klimharnas aandoet, en hoe je het klimtouw eraan bevestigt.

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Start to… Rock climbing

Rock climbing can seem intimidating and is often considered a dangerous pursuit. However it is more likely a rewarding effort and comes in many levels. Here is how you start rock climbing.

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How to Make a Fire in the Outdoors without a Lighter?

Finland Karhunpolku

Matches or a lighter are one way to make fire. But what if they are wet or lost? These survival techniques allow you to make a fire without lighter whenever you need it.

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How to Build a Shelter and Protect yourself from the Elements

When you are in a survival situation, you will have to find water, know how to make a fire and… build a shelter to protect you from the elements.

Since the environment you are in will determine how easy or difficult it is to complete these tasks, we will share some shelter techniques that work in different environments.

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Essential Knots for Camping, Hiking and Survival

A rope is an essential piece of equipment in the outdoors as it has multiple purposes. From attaching your tarp to the tree to rappeling. But what use is carrying a rope with you if you don´t know how to use it? Knot tying is a very important skill to master when it comes to survival techniques.

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A Guide for Wildcamping in Europe

Sleeping under the stars, waking up in the fresh air and escaping everyday life … that is camping. But why not go a step further and camp in the wild nature? Pitching your tent wherever you like is a romantic concept. But be aware, wildcamping comes with restrictions and rules and lots of responsability. 

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Bucketlist – Paddle the Scottish lochs

The Great Glen Canoe trail is a 4-5 day canoe trekking that connects Fort William near the Ben Nevis with Inverness. With a total distance of 100 kilometers you paddle across several Scottish lochs in the Highlands, including Loch Ness.

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