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Everything you need to know about camping in Iceland in summer

We all know that Iceland is not the cheapest of all destinations. However, it is possible to visit Iceland on a budget and one of the best ways to do so is by camping.

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How to keep your Iceland trip affordable

Iceland expensive? It is indeed, but there are ways to save money nonetheless!

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Practical guide for the Golden Circle in Iceland

I recently got back from my first visit to Iceland. Yes, you read that right, I said first visit, because despite having seen so many natural wonders and vistas during my 14 day Ring Road trip, it became clear quite…

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7 tips to make you an enthusiastic hiker

Sometimes it is difficult to inspire yourself and to motivate you to go for a hike. Therefore, we are happy to lend a hand by listing a number of tips for you!

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5 adventures to share with your dog

Man’s best friend often is his best travel companion as well. Here are five adventures you can em-bark (get it?) on with your dog.

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How to Start Winter Trekking

Why hang up your boots just because it’s winter? Winter trekking can offer a whole new experience.

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Guide to hiking the trails of Petra

Petra is one of the highlights of Jordan. Explore the ancient site and feel like Indiana Jones when hiking the different trails of Petra.

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Adding Up The Numbers – The True Cost of Getting Injured On Your Travels

Adventure travel is something everyone should experience at some point in their lives. But the risk of getting injured or worse can come with huge expenses.

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