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2022 is Going to be my Year

A long time ago I posted on my blog about my plans to climb the Lhotse. Not just any eight-thousander, but even the fourth highest in the world. I chose the Lhotse because for the most part it follows the same route as Everest.

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The Long Road to Everest BC

While the first climber of this season reached the summit of Everest last Friday, my training is still going as planned. With more interest than usual, I now also follow the teams that are in Everest Base Camp. Also the Summit Climb team, which I will be part of next year.

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Lhotse, What´s Up With That Mountain?

I’ve had a déjà-vu for the past few weeks. Anyone who has followed my blog in recent weeks will have read that I have set a new goal. The ascent of Lhotse in Nepal.

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My Ambitions for 2022…Yes You Read that Right

We are in holiday season and that means that we will soon be turning the page over to a new year. Traditionally, most bloggers post about their goals for the next year. I am no exception. However, my big goal is not 2021, but 2022.

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