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Are you looking to get more exposure to your outdoor brand or website? We offer guestposts at a subscription base on our travel blog.

Try-out package

1 week: $10

The try-out package is for those who wish to see if they get any results on advertising on our website. This includes a guest post on our travel blog and on our Facebook page.

Basic package

1 month: $25

The monthly package can be ordered from 1 to 11 months. It includes a SEO guest post with links to your website. The post will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Full commitment

1 year: $150 

Commit yourself to advertising on our website for a whole year and receive huge discount. Don’t hesitate to ask us how we can collaborate more closely with your outdoor brand.

Do you want a banner on our homepage? Contact us for more information.


Website: 2000+ views/month

Facebook page: 3000+ followers

Instagram: 4900+ followers




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