What we offer

Travel stories & e-guides

An Adventurers Journal is in the first place a collection of written travel experiences. Adventure travel is our passion and we love sharing it in our travel stories. Hiking, mountaineering or paddling journeys are no exception. As long as it is adventurous.

Besides travel stories, I also write e-guides. These travel guides are written from my own experience and will help you plan your own adventure. How do you plan your next hike? What gear do I need for my canoe trip? And how do I train for my mountaineering expedition? These e-guides are offered for sale in our webshop.


An Adventurers Journal is the result of a philosophy that anyone can live a adventurous life and chase his dreams. Too many times, people tend to postpone their dream because they think they have to. However, accomplishing your life goals starts with YOU. From this point of view we have started traveling the world, enrichening ourselves with life experiences and completing our Life List.

If wanted, we can give a lecture provided with images at your company / organisation. Contact us for details.

Writing assignments 

I am accepting writing assignments as long as they go about traveling. This includes travel stories, travel guides and columns.


There are numerous expeditions on my list I want to participate in. Whether it’s skiing the last degree to the North Pole or climbing Mount Everest. Unfortunately these expeditions are quite expensive.

That is why I am always accepting sponsorhips for these expeditions. As a company or organisation you can link your brand with these expeditions.

A list of expeditions:

  • Mount Everest
  • Skiiing the last degree to the North Pole
  • Climb Mount Vinson and ski the last degree to South Pole
  • Climb Carstenz Pyramid
  • Tornadochasing
  • Climb Denali
  • Crossing the Greenland Icecap
  • Participating the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic
  • Participating the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge
  • Run the five adventure marathons



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