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Een avontuurlijke rondreis doorheen Engeland, Wales en Schotland


Our collection of adventure e-guides can be found in the webshop.


Putting our experiences into words is the goal of my writing. Contact me if you’re interested in my writing.


Are you looking for photos or video content? Our photos are for sale in our webshop.


With our travel blog we hope to encourage people to going on their own adventure. Our lectures are provided with photos to inspire people on pushing their boundaries and leaving daily routine behind.


CoasteeringLondon2Edinburgh is the story of our trip through the UK. Conquering the highest peaks, hiking the West Highland Way, try out extreme sports, ghosthunting and padling the Scottish lochs. All of them are adventures easily within reach.

Walkers Haute Route

From Chamonix to Zermatt. Or hiking from the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. During a two week trip we hike through a mountain range where France, Switzerland and Italy come together: the Alps. You start your journey near the highest mountain of the Alps and finish 200 kilometers further near one of the most iconic ones. Along the way you’re rewarded with some of the most splendid views Europe has to offer.

Myanmar: land of the eternal smile

Myanmar is booming. It is often referred to as the land of the eternal smile and after having traveled there for two weeks, we can only agree. A travel report on this authentic region in Southeast Asia.

Into thin air (expected)

What does it mean when a regular person wants to explore the adventurous sport of mountaineering? Why do we want to climb the mountains? And how do you prepare?




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