An Adventurers Journal


Searching for some Irish luck

The land of green hills, steep cliffs, ancient castle ruins and the mythical leprechauns. It’s not hard to guess what we chose as our first destination of this year. No, we were not looking for a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end, but for some impressive landscapes and a dose of adventure.

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El Caminito del Rey

For decades you could ask adventurers about El Caminito del Rey. You had caught their attention immediately. Their response? They already had ticked off the famous King’s Path or it still was on their to-do list. El Caminito del Rey had a notorious reputation. A reputation only enforced by social media where the hike claimed a second place in the list of ‘Most dangerous hikes in the world’.

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Fifty Shades of Green

Finland Karhunpolku

Hiking the dense forests of Finland, close to the Russian border, before returning to civilization by paddling a wilderness river.

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Canoeing in Sweden

Sweden. Covered with dense forests, lakes and rivers. It is the perfect destination for a paddling journey into the wild.

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