7 tips to make you an enthusiastic hiker

Sometimes it is difficult to inspire yourself and to motivate you to go for a hike. In fact, it is more tempting not to do anything at the weekend or just to relax after a long day of work. But close that door behind you and hit the tracks. You will see that you come home reborn. How do you start your first hike? We are happy to lend a hand by listing a number of tips for you!


Preparation is the key to an effective use of time. There is nothing wrong with going out spontaneously, but not planning often mean delays. And everyone knows what will happen … Therefore, plan your walking tour at least one day in advance (preferably earlier). Make a note of it on the calendar or in the agenda and look at it every day. You will notice that you are looking forward to the moment.

Set yourself a challenge

For most, it is easier to do something if there is a goal in mind. Are you also such a person? Then set yourself a goal. For example, by making an appointment with yourself that you will go for a nice walk at least 1 day a week. Or, if you like a little more challenge, that you are going to make a long-distance trek later this year.

Go with a group

Although solo walks can be wonderful, it may be easier to go walking with a group. You have the distraction of a chat along the way with friends or acquaintances. You motivate each other when things get a bit harder and enjoy the beautiful surroundings together. This certainly produces positive energy. Something for you? Numerous walking groups can be found on the internet.

Investigate and get excited

Grab your iPad and be inspired by photos of amazing walks on Facebook, Flickr or another social medium! Do some research and choose the paths that you have always wanted to walk. Need more inspiration? Check our list of best beginner hikes.

Reward yourself

It is scientifically proven that rewarding yourself is a way to motivate yourself. Rewards while walking can be very good, for example, by taking that delicious snack out of your backpack and eating it while you enjoy the moment. Are you more of the rigorous, reward yourself after so many walking miles with new walking shoes that you can use for future walking challenges.

Take photos

When you go hiking you often get to see fantastic landscapes. Not to mention the possible wildlife that you may encounter. Capture these experiences as it will remind you where you were when you took that photo. How nice it was. And what you have to do to regain this feeling … walking!

Record the walk

In addition to the photos, you can also record your adventure in writing. It is an even nicer way to describe the feeling you had while walking. Briefly describe the route, the weather, the sights and perhaps tips for the next walk. Chances are, if you read your story back later, that you relive the feeling and thereby convince yourself that it is time to put on the hiking boots again and to go into the wide world!

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