Bucketlist – Paddle the Scottish lochs

Type of adventure: Canoe or Kayak

Level: 3/5

What is it?

The Great Glen Canoe trail is a 4-5 day canoe trekking that connects Fort William near the Ben Nevis with Inverness. With a total distance of 100 kilometers you paddle across several Scottish lochs in the Highlands, including Loch Ness. The lochs are connected by the Caledonian Canal, which was built for boat traffic, but is nowadays one of the best adventures to do in Scotland in our opinion.


Great Glen Canoe Trail

Best Season to Do

Scottish weather can be unpredictable. Paddling the Great Glen Canoe trail is possible year-round, but we suggest embarking on this adventure during Spring or Autumn. May, June or September work best as July and August tend to have more rainy days and is the peak-season for the notorious midges.

How to?

Paddling the Great Glen Canoe trail is possible for anyone with a little paddling experience. Since 74 kilometers is on one of the four lochs you will be crossing, you will be paddling open water most of the time. Depending on the wind this can mean you will be facing waves / sea conditions. Guided canoe trips can be booked in Fort William,or you can plan this adventure yourself with our e-guide. Along the way you can enjoy wildcamping in Scottish nature.

Read more about planning your Great Glen canoe trail adventure here. 

Why do this adventure?

The Great Glen Canoe trail is a wonderful canoe trekking in the Highlands of Scotland. There is no better way to experience Loch Ness than paddling across it. Along the way, you can enjoy wild camping on the many bivouac sites on the shores.

Read our experiences on the Great Glen Canoe trail here

Reisverhaal ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar. 

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