Addictive activities in Colombia

Colombia used to have a reputation for being dangerous. Murders, drugs and the risk of being shot in the face by Pablo Escobar made the number of tourists drop like flies that had sniffed cocain. But all of that is gone now since the South American country has risen like a phoenix. Here are some addictive (in a good way) activities in Colombia you can’t miss out while traveling through the South American continent.

Paragliding in Medellin

Floating in the air like a bird is always a thrilling experience. Anyone brave enough will discover that the green mountains and lush valleys are best to be seen from above. The breathtaking scenery will make you gasp for air. And it’s not the altitude talking.


Colombia has unlimited potential for whitewater! From little streams to huge rivers, in the desert or in the jungle, the variety is unequaled! This makes it the perfect paddling destination!


Lost City Trek

Lost City Trek

Argued as one of the best treks on the South American continent, the Lost City trek gives you a real Indiana Jones’ feeling. The trekking to Ciudad Perdida feels like exploring undiscovered area. At the end of seven days of hiking you will reach the ruins of an ancient city. Even though the city isn’t as spectaculair as Macchu Picchu, it should be on your adventure list!

Eating Hormigas Culonas

Literally translated as “big ass ants”. So you know what the challenge will be when eating these bugs who are about  centimeter in size and have a bulging butt, presumably full of protein. This delicacy is to be found in the Santander region in Colombia.

Escobar drugs tour


‘Make your own cocain’ tour

Pablo Escobar may be dead but his tale lives on… in a tour that is. This tour will not only teach you about the life of the notorious drug baron but will show you some of the most important historical sites, such as his grave. It would be a crime to miss it.

Speaking of crime, travelers with no limits can join a ‘Make Your Own Cocaine’ Tour, a entlighting -kinda illegal – tour that shows you the life of drugdealers. You better think twice since you can get busted for just joining this tour.


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