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Next climbing goal: Matterhorn

Next climbing goal: the Matterhorn. Why I go for a solo winter attempt.

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My week in pictures: Normandy

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Why so serious?

Why so serious? A quote by movie character the Joker, but a lesson we should learn in lives. Don’t be too serious, because you don’t know when it all ends.

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Prison Escape Breda: how we escaped

After commiting a crime I’ve been sentenced to ten years in the Koepel prison in Breda. But no way I’ll be staying here this long. I’ve come up with a plan… to escape!

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Throwback: Elbrus -mijn eerste ontgoocheling in het alpinisme

In 2014 deed ik een poging om de Elbrus te beklimmen, de hoogste berg van Europa. In tegenstelling tot de Kilimanjaro en Mont Blanc de voorgaande jaren, werd de expeditie een ware ontgoocheling.

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Halloween is coming up

My favorite holiday is coming up. And I’m not talking about Christmas. The whole event around Halloween is something I look forward to every year. This year, instead of throwing a party or having a movie marathon, we might be looking for something more horrifying.

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Throwback: Monte Rosa

Over three years ago we challenged ourselves with a solo climb of the Breithorn and climbing five other 4000m peaks in the Monte Rosa massif.

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6 Years of Adventures: our top moments

Six years of Adventure! Here are my top experiences in those six years.

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