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The first page of An Adventurers Journal dates back from 2012 when I climbed Kilimanjaro. An adventure that started a life-time project of bringing adventure in people’s life.


Looking for an adventure but no idea how to start? These e-guides will help you plan your next adventure. Hiking, mountaineering, paddling and much more.

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Ga op reis met de avonturiers! Heb je altijd al genoten van onze foto’s en reisverhalen? Vaak gedacht dat je maar al te graag in onze plaats zou zijn? Wel dat kan! Binnenkort kan je immers met de avonturiers op…


Home Again

Despite the Corona situation… made it home again.

The Tale of Two Dutch Girls

on April 1st, 2014, to Dutch girls went missingon the Pianista trail. The case was never solved. During my hike, I followed their footsteps.

Again! So close!

Final week in Costa Rica. Exploring Tortuguero, rafting the Pacuare river and finally spotted the red-eyed tree frog.

Een Weekendje in de Natuur met Natuurhuisje.be

Wat is er heerlijker dan ontspannen in de omgeving van de natuur? Natuurhuisje biedt een ruim aanbod aan vakantiewoningen in het midden van de natuur.

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A Practical Guide to Visit La Laguna del Tigre National Park, Peten

Laguna del Tigre National Park may well be the most remote part of Guatemala. Home to 300 bird species including scarlet macaw and crocodiles, this is the place for jungle adventures!

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How to Hike to El Mirador, Peten Guatemala Without a Guide

Trekking El Mirador is a true jungle adventure and should not be taken lightly! Especially when going unguided.

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