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The first page of An Adventurers Journal dates back from 2012 when I climbed Kilimanjaro. An adventure that started a life-time project of bringing adventure in people’s life.


Looking for an adventure but no idea how to start? These e-guides will help you plan your next adventure. Hiking, mountaineering, paddling and much more.

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Ga op reis met de avonturiers! Heb je altijd al genoten van onze foto’s en reisverhalen? Vaak gedacht dat je maar al te graag in onze plaats zou zijn? Wel dat kan! Binnenkort kan je immers met de avonturiers op…


Bohusleden Part IV – Final destination, Strömstad!

Final stages of the Bohusleden. Time for a review on my thru-hike.

Bohusleden Part III – Into the thick tick woods

Mijn week kon niet beter beginnen. Ik ben pas een uur bezig aan het wandelen als ik zo’n vijftien meter voor me een diertje op me zie aflopen. Een kleine zwartwitte snoet en een grijs lijf dat door vier korte…

Bohusleden Part II: Be honest, could you resist?

First week of my hiking journey along the Bohusleden. Hot temperatures, beautiful nature reserves and splendid lakes. Could you resist a dive?

How to plan a backpacking trip?

There is nothing I love more than spending a few days, if not weeks, in nature. There is nothing more satisfying than hiking through dense forests or paddling on beautiful lakes and covering miles and miles powered by your own arms and legs. At the end of the day you can enjoy a warm meal and a nice campfire before camping at night. But if you want to make the most of your upcoming adventure, knowing how to plan a backpacking trip is essential. 

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Everything you need to know about food for backpacking – FAQ

Food planning is an important stage in your backpacking trip planning. Planning your meals sounds easy, until you get into detail and notice you want a little more than just a loaf of bread and a slice of cheese. How much food should you take? How will you keep your taste buds excited after weeks on the trail? So many questions.  Fortunately, we’ve got answers for them all in this backpacking food planning FAQ. 

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10 best meals to prepare for your outdoor adventures

Hiking, climbing, paddling, gathering fire wood, carrying your heavy backpack — you’re going to be burning more calories than you think. Needless to say you will need some high-energy and easily prepared meals to gain your strength along the way.  But why shouldn’t they be delicious as well?

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