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The first page of An Adventurers Journal dates back from 2012 when I climbed Kilimanjaro. An adventure that started a life-time project of bringing adventure in people’s life.


Looking for an adventure but no idea how to start? These e-guides will help you plan your next adventure. Hiking, mountaineering, paddling and much more.

Travel with us!

Ga op reis met de avonturiers! Heb je altijd al genoten van onze foto’s en reisverhalen? Vaak gedacht dat je maar al te graag in onze plaats zou zijn? Wel dat kan! Binnenkort kan je immers met de avonturiers op…


Sweden Glamping into the wild

Geen vuur maken en geen kooksetjes gebruiken. Een regel die in werking is getreden sinds de bosbranden in Zweden om verdere natuurrampen te voorkomen. Te begrijpen natuurlijk, maar een ramp als je als reisbegeleider een groep van tien reizigers een…

Sweden 2.0

I’m going to Sweden on Monday. I know what you think. ‘Hasn’t he been to Sweden already this year?’ That’s true and no you’re not reading an old blog. On Monday I’m going for the second time this year to Sweden.

Norway and weekend France

Second week of our Norway trip. Unfortunately the last one as well. Our weekend we’ve spent in Northern France in our Volkswagen bus.

How to save money while traveling

Traveling costs a lot of money, right? It is often claimed that traveling is only for the happy few that have a wealthy family, earn a lot of money or have won the lottery. Not in my case. Here is how we save money while traveling.

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How to save money for traveling?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I get the money for all my travels. Admittedly, we are traveling two to three months a year to different destinations that are on our wish list without leaving saving on  activities. Our secret: we make travel a priority. We lead a modest life without too much luxury. Everyone has that possibility, but not everyone is would do anything for it.

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How to walk the Dodentocht (Dead March) in Bornem succesfully?

Maybe, you’ve just finished a 10k running race for the first time ever and now you are looking for a new challenge. What about walking 100 kilometers in 24 hours? The Dodentocht (Dead March) in Bornem is an event that takes place every year in August and is considered the ultimate challenge for every walker.

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