These kayak fishing destinations are a real catch!

Kayak fishing is one of the hottest hypes in the outdoor sports at the moment. Where kayaking is a challenging activity offering you a complete work-out, the combination with fishing is an experience like no other. Catching some great fish while keeping your balance and show quick wit might be a real challenge. But to enjoy the great outdoors in a serene environment while performing your favorite hobby migth be one of the most rewarding experiences you might have. So get yourself one of the best fishing kayaks and hit the waters of some of the most amazing destinations in the US.

Deer Creek Conservation Area – Maryland

This peaceful nature spot is off limits to motorized boats and that might be one of the greatest trumps for anglers making use of a kayak. The Deer Creek Conservation Area offers a relaxing day out on the water and if you’re lucky, you might even catch some trout or largemouth bass.

Devils River – Texas

If you’re looking for a isolated spot in a pristine environment, Devils River in Texas might be what you’re looking for. This location is one of the most ecologically intact waterways in the state and they are making huge effort to keep it this way. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a fishing trip where you can spend at least three days in a remote area.

Kona Coast, Hawaii

There is no way we could leave out Hawaii of this list of perfect kayak fishing destinations. The Hawaiian Island has a lot of great things to offer. Kayak fishing might be one of the best! With blue waters, great calm conditions close to the coast and views on the Pacific, this destination is every kayak angler’s dream. There are some pretty big fishes in these water, including huge tuna and gray snapper. An encounter with a tiger sharks or blue marlin is a possibility as well.

Indian River Lagoon – Florida

This lagoon formed by the Indian River is known as one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Northern hemisphere. It is one of the best places where saltwater fishing and kayaking go hand in hand. Not only will you be able to catch some giant snook, redfish, tarpon or sea trout, but the tropical conditions are a huge plus as well.

Prince William Sound – Alaska

With 10000 square miles of protected waterways, this region in South central Alaska is home to some the most compelling salmon runs in the state. With several salmon species, including King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon, it’s one of the best fishing locations. With a landscape of glaciers and diverse wildlife surrounding you, there a few better places to go kayak fishing.

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