Best adventures in Guatemala

Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Tikal are some of Guatemala’s most famous tourist attractions, but they lack what true adventurers need. Those who seek real thrilling adventures in a country where volcanoes and jungle are characterizing the landscape, can find inspiration in our list.

Climb Volcan Acatenango

Volcan Acatenango reaches 3976 meters and is one of the highest volcanoes in Guatemala. The climb is strenuous and can be done as a day trip or overnighter. we highly recommend the overnight trip as this allows you to see sunrise from the summit and witness the lava spectacle from the nearby active Fuego. Some companies offer tours to climb the active Fuego in a combo. If all of this seems a bit too much, you can try to climb the easier Volcan Pacaya which offers you views on lava flows.


Paragliding Lake Atitlan

Bad weather conditions (wind) prevented me from doing so, even though I was ready for my flight on the nearby mountains around Lake Atitlan. Soaring in the sky over one of the most beautiful lakes in the world with several volcanoes in the background is a memorable experience to say not the least.

Climb Volcan Tajumulco

Not my favorite volcano climb in Guatemala, but it is the highest mountain in Central America making it a goal for many adventurers. The 4220 meter volcano offers splendid views on the chain of volcanoes all the way up to Volcan Agua. You can climb Tajumulco independently or use Quetzaltrekkers, a non-profit guiding company that provides education, housing, and social support to disadvantaged children in the city of Xela.

Another great volcanonear Xela is Santa Maria which offers views on the active Santiaguito.


Hike to El Mirador

Tikal is the number one Mayan ruin site in Guatemala to see, but if you have more time and want a more authentic jungle experience, then why not to try and feel like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft when hiking to El Mirador. This is the largest Mayan site in Guatemala, though most of it is still under the ground. It is located 40 kilometers deep in the jungle, which means you have to embark on a 5 day trek to reach it.

Here is how to hike to El Mirador. 

el dante

Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre

This national park in Peten is a gem that never makes it to any list. Why? Tourists don’t visit it, because it is hard to reach and the area is known for drug trafficking. Still, we want to include it on this list as it is a great place to spot wildlife including jaguars, scarlet macaw and the morelet crocodile. A must visit for everyone who claims to be a true adventurer.

We independently spend 3 days in the national park and written an useful guide for anyone who wants to venture on the same mini expedition.


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