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Best locations for a ghost hunt in the UK

Best locations for ghosthunting in England

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Tips for interrailing in Europe

Planning an interrail adventure in Europe? Or simply backpacking? Here are some tips for taking the train in Europe.

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Solo Female Travel: Cuba

It’s not always easy finding a travel partner. None of your friends has been bitten by the travel bug and your online search ended without results. Putting your travel plans on hold or take the big step and travel the…

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Addictive activities in Colombia

Colombia used to have a reputation for being dangerous. Murders, drugs and the risk of being shot in the face by Pablo Escobar made the number of tourists drop like flies that had sniffed cocain. But all of that is gone…

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How to capture your adventure with GoPro?

Any traveler wants to capture his adventure with a GoPro to keep his memories alive or to share his experiences. When mountaineering, cycling, diving or skydiving it might be clear that capturing your actions is somewhat more challenging than posing for…

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Travel light with a backpack: what to take with you?

It’s a common problem novice hikers or backpackers face. A too heavy backpack is turning your walking holiday in a real death march. While packing your backpack, every gram counts. It is important not to take too much with you…

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