How to capture your adventure with GoPro?

Any traveler wants to capture his adventure with a GoPro to keep his memories alive or to share his experiences. When mountaineering, cycling, diving or skydiving it might be clear that capturing your actions is somewhat more challenging than posing for a selfie.

I’ve been on adventures many times, always packing my GoPro as I go. Still I have to admit, taking footage of my adventures wasn’t always easy and I will try to share my experience by giving the best tips on creating top quality adventure videos.

1. Keep your lens clean


Vespa in Rome

This might be a basic rule but nonetheless it’s the most common mistake travelers make when shooting their video. Snow, fingerprints or water drops are obstacles that might ruin your golden moment. When filming underwater one of the tricks is to lick the lens and wait for it to dry before using it.

2. Choose the best lighting

Photographers will agree. There are two ideal times to shoot: early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The sun is low in the sky and shadows are reduced creating more cinematic moments. Sunny days are best for making videos.

3. Have a story to tell

When you start your video project, don’t just shoot random footage. Know how your video will look like even before you start. Think about the beginning, middle and ending. About the story you will tell. This will save you a huge amount of time when editing and your video will be more professional and more powerful. Extra tip: plan for the unexpected. Unplanned moments are often the most valuable for your video.


Paddling in Sweden

4. Get creative with shooting angles

Think of the best angle to use when capturing your adventure. Should you hold your camera high or low? To help you use the best angles, there are different kind of mounts you can buy.

5. Save Battery Life

Battery life often is the main disadvantage with every GoPro but it’s getting better with every release. Still, your camera batteries are very likely to run out when you’re on an adventure. A usb compatible solar panel can save you on those moments or you can bring some extra batteries. To save your battery it’s wise to turn off the wifi.

6. Be creative and invest in GoPro Mounts

GoPro has a lot of mounts and accessoiries that are useful to travelers willing to capture their adventure. It is wise to invest in some of these that could be meaningful to you.

Some of the extras are:

GoPro pole

This is one of the items I wouldn’t travel without. Especially when you’re traveling solo or if you want to jump into your own frame this is one must-have.

The GoPro pole is available for 54.95€
GoPro Remote control for 76.95€
Chest Harness

The Chesty makes it easy to capture  video and photos while skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports or any activity where you want a more engaging, lower-than-the-helmet view of the action. You’ll capture more of your arms, knees, poles and skis while skiing—and more of your arms and handlebars while biking or riding your motorcycle.

Chest Harness is available for 19.99€
Floating Hand Grip

The handler is a buoyant grip that is best used for underwater activities. It’s ideal for shooting selfies, POV or follow-cam while diving. When losing grip of it, your GoPro isn’t lost in Davy Jones’ Locker.

The handler is available for 14.95€
GoPro Head strap

The GoPro head strap is ideal for activities such as cycling, mountaineering or even skydiving. It is perfect for capturing videos in own perspective and will show show people what you see through your eyes.

The Head Strap is available for 22.99€
3D Robotics Solo Drone

If you want top action adventure views shot from the air than this might your new favorite toy. The 3D Robotics Solo Drone is one of the very best drones giving you the possibility to fly and shoot videos with a video game-style controller.

9200000065357395GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition is one the very best action cameras on the market. You can buy these online for 329 €. 





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