Best locations for a ghost hunt in the UK

England is well known for being home to numerous haunted locations. These places in this list are some of the most haunted places in England, with each place being the location of much unexplained paranormal phenomena. Take a spooky ride with us as we explore England’s most haunted places.

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex

This Victorian mansion was the most haunted house in Britain before it was destroyed by fire in 1939. Eventhough it got this reputation after paranormal investigator Harry Price investigated the house, it was alleged to be haunted ever since it was built. The first paranormal events reportedly occurred in about 1863, after some locals heard unexplained footsteps within the house. The years after there were sightings reported of the ghost of a nun, two headless horsemen, a phantom carriage, the phantom ringing of the servant’s bells and bottle-throwing spirits.

2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Since Borley Rectory was destroyed by fire, the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge has claimed the reputation of most haunted house in Britain. It has been the location of many sinister happenings, including child sacrifice, suicide, black magic rituals. Only a few years ago they discovered remains of children and a pagan burial ground. The owner believed that he shared his home with all sorts of spooks – two demons, a witch, orbs and other ghostly presences. The Ancient Ram Inn was often visited by people describing the property as the ‘scariest place’ they’ve ever been to. We tried staying in the Inn in 2015 but unfortunately the 11th century building has been dilapidated and is closed for public. However our short visit in the little town showed us that this house is indeed very spooky. You can still go on a ghost hunt in the Ancient Ram Inn.


Ancient Ram Inn

3. Village of Pluckley, Kent

It doesn’t always have to be houses or castles that are haunted. No, sometimes there are whole villages that are inhabited by ghosts. The village of Pluckley in Kent was named as the most haunted village in Britain by the Guiness Book of Records. Between 12 and 16 ghosts have been reported in the village, including a screaming man, a highwayman who appears at Fright Corner, a schoolmaster found hanged by a group of children and an old woman who used to sit on a bridge smoking.

4. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle has its  fair share of ghostly tales and encounters. The most famous one being Blue Boy, a ghost of a young boy often seen at midnight in the fourposter bedroom in the Grey Room. In 1920s, during renovation, the bones of a young boy and fragments of blue clothing were actually discovered buried in those great thick walls. We have spent a night in the Grey room during our trip in the UK and had some sinister experiences. Phones ringing without reception, lots of noises in the castle at night, … But no Blue boy unfortunately.

Chillingham Castle

5. Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

Even if there weren’t any ghosts, asylums are a scary place to visit. In Liverpool city centre you’ll find the Newsham Park Hospital, an abandoned asylum formerly used as an orphanage. This location has some dark stories since many of the children were being punished by locking them up in small cupboards in a corridor near the attic.


Referred to as the ‘naughty boys corridor’ it’s one of the most haunted places in the building. However the many suicides in the attic and deceased psychiatric patients will have their share in the paranormal activity as well, I guess. We kept vigil in this asylum and witnessed some scary shit in there. Names of participants being called by ghosts, moving items and succesfull tabletipping sessions.

Haunted Rooms

Interested in exploring one of these locations? Take a look at the website of HauntedRooms to find ghosthunts that will haunt your dreams for a while. Tips on how to prepare for a ghost hunt you’ll find in our blogpost ‘How to prepare for a ghost hunt?‘.

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