Travel light with a backpack: what to take with you?

It’s a common problem novice hikers or backpackers face. A too heavy backpack is turning your walking holiday in a real death march. While packing your backpack, every gram counts. It is important not to take too much with you and buy some light, high quality gear.

Tent (2.24kg)

When we go hiking in the mountains or in remote landscapes our first thing to pack is our the-north-face-assault-2-summit-seriestwo person North Face Summit Assault tent. This four season tent is one of the lightest on the market weighing only 2.24kg. It is often used in high altitude mountaineering.

Sleeping bag (1.092kg)

aciorThe Millet Dreamer is a perfect sleeping bag for hiking and trekking in alpine conditions. This mummy-shaped sleeping bag still is my first one since I bought it. I used it on mountains like Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Aconcagua as well as during trekkings in the Alps. With a comfort temperature of 6 degrees Celsius you’re fine for any hike! Weight: 1,092kg

Sleeping pad (510g)

The self-inflating Therm-a-Rest Prolite sleeping pad is your mattress for any outdoor adventure. I started by buying a thin one but changed this recently to a  3cm thick one.  With a weight of only 510g (regular size), they are designed to be used by the ultralight backpacker.

MSR MicroRocket Stove (122g + 306g)

When you hike, you need a lot of food to provide your energy. The MSR MicroRocket Stove onecolis ultralight (122g) to bring along and is everything you need to make yourself a warm meal in the evening. In little less than four minutes you can boil a liter of water. You can buy a MSR Alpinist 2 Pot (306g) made of aluminium to cook soups, pastas and much more.

Bowls, cups and cutlery (80g + 45g + 42g)

To eat your food you need offcourse, bowls, cups axset3and cutlery. From the first moment I purchased them I’m a big fan of the Sea to Summit X-Bowl Collapsible Bowl (80g) and Sea to Summit X-Cup Collapsible Cup (45g). They are easy to eat from, ultralight and easy to be stocked in your cooking pot together with your stove. They also have ultralight cutlery (42g).

Other necessary fun-to-have gadgets

Survival set including fire starter, waterproof bag, micro whistle, razor saw, compass, led light. (total weight: 85g)





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