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A Guide for Wildcamping in Europe

Sleeping under the stars, waking up in the fresh air and escaping everyday life … that is camping. But why not go a step further and camp in the wild nature? Pitching your tent wherever you like is a romantic concept. But be aware, wildcamping comes with restrictions and rules and lots of responsability. 

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Best destinations to wild camp in Europa

Camping is fun, but wild camping is the superlative. You are completely one with nature, you go all the way back to basic. It is an unique experience for those who love nature. And here are the best places to do so. 

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Leave No Trace: the outdoor ethics

Participating in the outdoors comes with great responsibilty. These are the 7 basic guidelines of Leave No Trace. This allows us to minimise our impact and conserve the integrity of the outdoors.

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