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What is the best way to treat water?

Traveling often comes with the inconvenience of not having drinkable tap water. Or when in the outdoors: having water sources available (hopefully), but not being able to drink from them without treatment. In this guide, we will show you the best ways of treating water.

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Canoeing in Sweden

I’m staring out of the window of my seat. The clouds look like a crevassed field of snow. My destination? Sweden. The North European country may be well-known for its winter activities in Lapland, I’m spending my summer there. On…

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7 best places to canoe or kayak in the USA

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind some adrenaline pumping activities, hitting the open waters with your kayak might be one of the best things to do. From open water lakes to white water river rapids, here are the…

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