How to run a successful campaign for the Fjallraven Polar

‘300 kilometers of Arctic wilderness. More than 100 highly skilled sled dogs and a group of ordinary people just like you.’ This is how the Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven describes the ultimate winter adventure of which you can win one of the twenty spots. All you have to do is get the most votes after a month of campaigining. If you want to participate in this contest, here are a few tips of how to run a successful campaign.

What is the Fjallraven Polar

The Fjallraven Polar is a 300 kilometer dogsled journey that runs from Norwegian and Swedish Lapland taking place in April. The journey starts in Signaldalen, passes an ancient Sami traderoute before ending in Vakkarajarvi. The contest takes place every year in November to give ‘ordinary people’ the chance to have the adventure of a lifetime. There are 20 spots to be divided. Ten of them go to people with the most votes of their /group. The other ten are chosen by a jury, based on your campaign.

A few tips on how to run a successful campaign

In 2016 I ran my own campaign to win a spot in the Fjallraven Polar. After fourteen days of campaigning I found myself in first place. Unfortunately there is a cruel thing in these competitions you can read in my blogpost ‘Why I entered the Fjallraven Polar contest.’ If you’re still thinking of campaigning, here are a few tips that will help you be successfull.

Make a great application video

Reality will show that most of your votes will NOT be gained by a great application video. However having a great application (video + introduction text) will raise your chances of being picked by the Fjallraven jury in case you don’t finish first place. Make your video personal and original. Tell people why you really want to join the race.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fjallraven polar

Start as early as possible

There is no use of entrying the competition after two weeks, since there is little chance you will be able on catching up on votes on this short notice. Start from day one. No, wait. Start one month in advance to prepare your campaign. Make sure people are ready to vote from day one. Being in the leader position during the first few days might be ideal to gain extra votes from people just looking at the first few applications.

Share your application on social media

Being popular on social media is a huge plus when applying for the Fjallraven Polar. Make sure you share your application of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Ask your friends to vote and share. Your best chances would be to have some people help you promote your application and have a ‘promotion team’.

Exchange votes

Even if you have 10k of followers on social media, chances are big that won’t be enough to win. You will need more votes. How? Easy! Every applicant needs votes, right? Contact them via Facebook and ask them to exhange votes. People can  vote more than once in this contest, so you can easily ask EVERYONE to vote for you in return for your vote. Don’t forget there are lots of Facebook groups to exhange votes as well.

Get published

If you would be representing your country in the Fjallraven Polar, that would be news! Contact local newspapers to write about your application. Web articles are a great way to promote your link as well.

Get out on the streets

Every minute you’re not sitting behind your laptop looking for votes, you should be on the streets campaigning. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone in his pocket, so chances are big that when you reach out to people and tell them your story they will vote for you. Make it easier by making flyers. Don’t print hundreds of flyers (please, for the environmental sake!), but print one for every member of your promotion team. Add a QR code (you can create one for free here), leading to your application page, making it easy for them. Visit places with lots of crowds and where people are waiting (time to vote!). I went campaigning on soccer matches, bus stations and train stations during peak hours).

Create Allies!

This might well be the most important tip of all and has helped several people in gaining that first place. You’re competitors are people in your region/group. Not all of the participants of the contest. Check out and look for strong people in other voting groups to create an ally with. In total there are ten groups for ten places, so you should create an ally of ten people. People who vote for you can vote for the other nine members as well. And you get votes in return of all over the world!

Start your campaign at

Do you have more tips on campaigning? Feel free to share them! 



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