Start to hike: hiking tips for beginners

Planning your first multi-day hike is exciting and daunting at the same time. There are lots of things to consider and plan before embarking on your journey and at first it might seem a bit overwhelming. For this reason we have compiled a list of hiking tips for beginners who are about to set their first steps into the hiker’s community.

Before the hike

1. Do some research Find a trail that is suitable for beginners. For ideas check out our blogpost 5 easy hikes for beginners

2. Make lists making lists is something you will do often when planning an adventure. Make one for food and another for equipment. Not sure what to pack? Check out our gear list

3. Choose the right season Deciding on when you will go on your hike is important. Don’t just go when your boss tells you to, but take the seasons into account. Hiking in the Scottish Highlands in summer is way different than in winter.

4. Plan short and easy stages If it’s the first time you will be hiking, it can be hard to estimate how many kilometers you can do in one day. Hiking in the mountains or with a heavy backpack is an important factor on your daily distance.

5. Prepare physically (and mentally) Hiking can be a strenuous activity. So if you want to enjoy your holiday, be sure to be well prepared in advance. Do a few short hikes in your region with a backpack to be physically fit.


During your hike

6. Hike at your own pace Don’t overrate your hiking capabilities. Make sure to plan doable sections of your multi-day hike. Hike at your own pace and don’t rush. You’re here to enjoy, right?

7. Make sure to eat and drink enough Hiking will make you burn lots of calories. Don’t see your adventure as an alternative diet, but make sure to eat and drink enough as you will need the energy for your efforts and concentration during the day.

8. Take an experienced friend with you Solo hiking can be an awesome adventure, but before hiking on your own, have someone experienced following you. They can teach you valuable things. No one to join you? You can also Travel with us.

9. Bring a map and compass And learn how to use them. A good hiking GPS may proof very useful, but it can fail or run out of battery.

10. Sun protection This is very important. Especially when treking at altitude. Always wear hat, sunglasses and sunscreen when hiking in the sun.

11. Learn basic first aid And carry a kit with you

12. Change wet socks when you can This will prevent you from having blisters

13. Study your map This gives you a good idea of the route, possible emergency exit points as well as places to fill up on water.

14. Carry emergency food Just in case you have to stay on the trail longer than you expected.

15. Leave a itinerary at home with someone you trust  Have you seen 127 hours?

Nature hike


16. Dress in layers This will help you stay warm and comfortable.

17. Practice using your gear at home You don’t want to be in the wilderness and not knowing how to pitch your tent.

18. Never wear cotton General rule for clothing in the outdoors.

19. Bring something to purify water Boiling or tablets are one option, but a Lifestraw is the best!

20. Organize your gear Packing cubes are a great way of organizing your stuff. It will save a lot of time having to repack everyday and makes things easier to find.

21. Use walking poles They save your knees

Other tips

22. Leave no trace Bring a bag to carry all your rubbish with you

23. Stay on the trail

24. Respect others They spend time in the outdoors as well to avoid the noise of the city

25. What is your best tip for newbie hikers?





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