How to save money for traveling?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I get the money for all my travels. Admittedly, we are traveling two to three months a year to different destinations that are on our wish list without saving on  activities. Our secret: we make travel a priority. We lead a modest life without too much luxury. Everyone has that possibility, but not everyone would do anything for it.

Depending on your own motivation to travel, you can save on the following methods.”

“I want to travel, but only if there is money left”

Small adjustments that will affect your daily life only a little

Sell ​​old stuff

The golden rule is: anything you have not used in the last six months, are you planning to do so in the next six months? Perhaps the answer is ‘no’ (if you doubt, it will most probably also become a ‘no’). So why not sell those things and use the money to buy new outdoor gear that you can use on your next trip. I never count the days to the next sales discounts to buy clothes that I will never wear, but to the moment that I have saved enough for that next sleeping bag, tent or packraft.

Drink tap water

I used to drink a bottle of soft drink a day. Ironically, since I live alone and do my shopping myself, I have a clearer view of how much that costs. Two euros for a bottle of one and a half liters is not that unusual anymore. Calculate that on a monthly basis and you’ll soon be spending sixty! euros in a month. Instead, I have taken the habit of drinking tap water. If you are just like me and don’t like the taste, you can always add a syrup, which is still much cheaper.

“At least once a year I want to travel to one of my dream destinations”

Adjustments in your daily life so that you easily save money for your next trip

Keep your costs low

One of the main ways to get to your travel budget is to keep your fixed costs low. Take a sheet of paper and a pen to hand and write down all the expenses you have every month. Your mortgage, car costs (insurance, petrol, …), your mobile phone bill, water and electricity, food and drinks, … And then we don’t even consider the money spend on an evening of cinema or in a café. When I bought my apartment, I considered it very important to keep my monthly installment as low as possible so that I could save a lot. No big house, but a cozy two-person apartment. My monthly fixed costs are certainly not higher than 750 euros every month.

Cancel subscriptions

Internet, television, Netflix, magazines, smartphone, … the number of subscriptions that you receive on a monthly basis quickly increases. As does the total amount. Are you planning to go on a world trip? Why not prepare for your future lifestyle and cancel your television and magazine subscription? Also your mobile subscription does not have to be expensive. I myself pay barely ten euros for unlimited calls / SMS and a large amount of data.

Avoid restaurant visits

For some people eating out is a weekly activity. With us: rarely. If we go to a restaurant, we do not often spend more than twenty euros per person (drinks incl.). Yet that is still a big cost in our everyday life.

“Traveling is my ultimate dream! Who cares about the rest?”

Drastic ways to significantly boost your travel budget

Rent out a room with Airbnb

Do you have a room free in your house or apartment that you don’t do anything with? Have you ever thought about renting it out with Airbnb? I myself rented out my apartment for a while through this platform during the times that I was abroad. It was not only a great experience where you get to meet people from all over the world (and their travel experiences), but you also earn a nice amount.

Sell ​​your car

The fact that my costs are so low is undoubtedly due to the sale of my car. Have you ever thought about how much a car costs per month? I myself used my car at that time only for commuting, a daily distance of about twenty kilometers. I decided to sell my car and do everything by bike. I saved a lot and I got a good stamina.

Do an extra job

As a travel blogger it is of course very nice to earn some passive income with the travel blog. When I did my former (and boring job), I earned some money online by writing travel articles. This way I turned my hobby and passion into a nice extra income. In the meantime, that hobby has even become my main income.

The most important thing to save for your next trip is that you keep track of all costs and income. Undoubtedly you will think twice about that one issue and see your travel budget rise, which only increases motivation.

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