5 adventures to share with your dog

Man’s best friend often is his best travel companion as well. Even though there may sometimes be restrictions to bring your dog in national parks, they still love to spend some time in the outdoors which makes a  great reason to go on an adventure with them. Here are five adventures you can em-bark (get it?) on with your dog.

Go hiking

Every once in a while we need to leave the rat race we live in behind and spend some time in the outdoors. Going on a hiking trip is a great way to relax and sniff up some fresh air. It’s also one of your dog’s favorite activities. This is a great way to bond with your pet and let him have the satisfaction he needs.

Where? The UK has several dog-friendly trails within its borders. The Seven Sisters Path in the south offers a great combination for hiking along the white cliffs and giving both of you a spa treatment as it passes some beaches along the way. The West Highland Way in Scotland than again is a great multi-day option for hiking with your dog. Also, the Alps and Scandinavia have a wide range of trails that are dog-friendly.

Advice. Most trails require to have your dog on a leash to protect local stock. Make sure he wears a comfortable harness for the hike. Larger dogs can even carry some of your luggage, such as his snack bites or water.



One of my favorite ways to spend some time in the outdoors is by going on a canoe trip. Canoeing is a more comfortable way of paddling than kayaking as there is more space in the canoe. This allows more than enough space for your dog to sit in or sleep while you are doing the hard work.

Where? Sweden and Finland are home to thousands of lakes and rivers located all over the country. It’s easy to rent a canoe and set out for a few days with your dog.

Advice. Give your dog a life vest as well, so he can swim some sections of your journey.


Paddle both while your dog sits and enjoys the scenery. 


Okay… maybe not both. 

Stand-up paddle boarding

Many lakes with rental companies on their shores offer the option to go paddle boarding as well. Stand-up paddling or supping is a great way to exercise on the water and doesn’t have to be without your canine friend. He can be your loyal companion on the board.

Where? On many lakes that are home to a company that rents out paddle boards. Lake Bled in Slovenia has a great setting and is dog-friendly.

Advice. Give your dog a life vest to make him feel comfortable on the board.



Camping is another way to spend some time with your dog in the outdoors. While this activity is not so active, it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy your company. You can easily bring a frisbee for him or take him for a walk now and then.

Where? Check for dog-friendly campsites in a natural environment for the best experience. If you prefer wild-camping, Scandinavia offers good options as well.

Advice. Check local regulations when it comes to bringing your dog. In some natural parks, they are not allowed to protect the wildlife. If you want to sleep away from your dog, you can pitch a ‘pup’ tent next to yours.


Trail running

Always wanted to have a running buddy? Well, now you have. Your dog can be a perfect running partner. Nature trails are the best for your dog as you won’t have to worry about his safety in traffic.

Where? Everywhere where there are nature trails.

Advice. Be sure to have a dog that is suitable as a running partner (chihuahua’s wont work). For giving both of you the best running experience, don’t use a regular leash unless you want to get your arm pulled out of the socket. Hands-free running leashes work best.

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