Dagboek van een Avonturier


Iceland – must see waterfalls and how to reach them

Most beautiful waterfalls along Ring Road in Iceland and how to reach them.

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Op zoek naar avontuur: IJsland en meer

The upcoming adventures…

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Best hiking locations in Scandinavia

If you love the outdoors, Scandinavia is the place to go. From dense forests, numerous lakes and rugged mountains to volcanic pools and glacier fields. Here are the best locations in Scandinavia for a hiking adventure. Jotunheimen Best hike: Bessegen…

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Why we – and you will too – love Scandinavia

Here are a few good reasons why we love Scandinavia so much. 

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Five best places for diving

Diving is one of those adventure sports that leaves a deep (get it?) impression on you every time you hit the water. Whether it’s scubadiving in a coral reef, diving to a shipwreck or just embracing marine wildlife like manatees…

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