Emerge in local culture with Airbnb

When we travel we want to learn something about the culture and traditions of the country we visit. Not always easy with the tourist traps you can easily fall into. But there is an better way to get in touch with locals: Airbnb.

Spending the night in a cheap hostel might be a good idea for meeting new people… other tourists. Instead of bunking in a sleeping dorm, why not choose to spend the night in the house of local people? Airbnb is a service connecting people all over the world who are offering a room to travelers, more than often at a very reasonable rate. You can book a private room in a city center  and spend no more than 20 dollar per night. For the whole room that is. No matter if you’re traveling alone, as a couple or group.

Travelers helping travelers

I’ve been using Airbnb for more than a year now and have spent the night in cities this-private-club-is-like-airbnb-for-the-ultra-rich-take-a-look-insidesuch as Rome, Malaga, Buenos Aires, Milano and Helsinki. To my experience these rooms are offered by locals who also have a passion for traveling and want to make some money out of the empty room they have. Even better. You won’t only find this type of accommodation in huge metropoles but they are a good option for having a place to stay in areas where there are no hostels.

Weekend holidays, citytrips and long journeys

sundance2015_parkcity_derballa_23jan2015_00655Airbnb can be a better alternative for cheap hostels where you spend the night with loud people. You can have a first person insight in the city you’re spending your holiday in. Not only do you sleep in the house of real Italians, Spaniards or Argentinian people, they can help you planning your visit or even give some tips of places to see. But maybe you’re not looking for a faraway travel destination and wish to spend a weekend somewhere nice. You can easily navigate through the website and find a nice accommodation in a quiet place for the weekend. Using Airbnb will change your travel experience forever (in a good way).

Want to experience Airbnb for free? You can register to the website via this link and receive a travel budget of 35€, good enough for a free night in a place of your choice.

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