4 Pieces of Essential Camping Gear

 Camping Cookware Mess Kit ($20) — It seems that hunger pangs are a big part of what make that evening outdoor meal so delectable. After a day of hiking, canoeing and swimming, the last thing you want is to lug out all the bulky kitchen ware from home. This terrific option can help you eliminate extra-weight and packs up nesting doll styles. Set includes pots, pans and a great many other cookware options. This set addresses several campsite cooking needs in one easy to carry presentation.


Petzl Tikka

If you have lived your life in the constant glow of the city lights, the immensity of the night out in the country can overwhelm you. Nights where there is no light from the moon can seem impossibly dark and navigation can be difficult if not dangerous. While some may call this look “dorky”, having a bright light conveniently located on your brow will keep your surroundings illuminated and your hands free. Just be sure to keep the rechargeable battery fully loaded or you could find yourself in darkness when the battery dies.


Soto Pocket torch

If you will be travelling through especially windy territory, a windproof lighter is just thegear thing you need. If this lighter can reach temperatures exceeding 2300°F , you can melt your way through an avalanche, solder metal and of course light campfires all the way. This is exactly what you will find in the handy Soto Pocket Torch that won’t let you down even if the elements are against you. It alongside these is an essential piece of hunting gear.


Exotac nanostriker fire starter

Building a fire after the grueling task of chopping up firewood and hauling it all to a convenient location is a daunting task, especially if you just came out here to get away from it all. Rather than fumbling in the dark with your flint and steel, the Exotac provides a suitable alternative. This ultra-portable self-contained fire starter is guaranteed for a 3,000 fire strikes per unit. Created here in the USA, the 6061 aluminum product contains a replaceable 1/4″ Ferrocerium bit that can still strike a flame if slightly wet — a true backwoods-person’s friend.



BioLiteCampStove 2

Next morning, when the troupe wakes up hungry, you can whip up some wonders with a fully-functional camp stove like this unit. This Biolite campstove is a portable wood burning solution that can be used for making soups, stews, fried eggs, and many more campsite culinary specialties. Furthermore, this model can convert some of this heat in power to charge up any portable units you may need.


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