Five reasons why traveling with a motorhome across Europe is the best holiday

If you hate it to pack and unpack every single day when traveling, a holiday with a motorhome might be just the ideal holiday for you. In May this year, we traveled for the very first time with a camper van all the way through Ireland and here are a few reasons – besides the unpacking – why we think it’s the best type of traveling.

Freedom! Freeeedom!

I think you get it by now what our primary reason is to travel with a motorhome or campervan. A motorhome journey gives you the possibility of going wherever and whenever you want. If you happen to love the place, just stay there for a while.  And if you don’t, get behind the wheel and look for a better place. Not only does traveling with a motorhome give you a lot more freedom, but it is quite more relaxing if you know you have your bed and kitchen with you!

Italië, Tuscany, De Weg, Roadtrip, Landschap

Save money on accommodation

A standard hotel room will cost you easily between 50 and 100 euros. And when traveling with children it gets even more expensive. If your destination is Norway, Sweden or Switzerland, prices  tend to be even higher. Traveling with your own motorhome would save you a lot of money since you would spend most nights on a cheap campsite, aires or free campingspots.

Spend your evenings on the most awesome places

Sleeping in a motorhome instead of a bed in a hotel has even more advantages. In most European countries you can park your motorhome right up on the beach to spend the night. Not only will it be an evening to remember, but you’ll get the best start by waking up with beach front views.

Travel with your bed

Talking about sleeping. What I really love about traveling with my campervan is that I bring my bed everywhere I go. Who doesn’t share the same problem of not being able to sleep in a different bed than your own? Pretty anoying if you’re sleeping in a different bed every single night during your journey. Fortunately, a motorhome rental has the advantage of having your own home to sleep in instead of those random hostel beds that might even give you bed bugs.


Save money on food

Restaurant visits are a drain on your travel budget, but you gotta eat right? A motorhome or caravan has its own kitchen inside it which makes it possible to do some cooking on your own. Not only are you pretty sure that the meals will be terrific, but you will save tens of euros every day just by going shopping in a supermarket instead of visiting a expensive restaurant. Having dinner with a great view might be an even better experience as well. In Europe, Lidl and Aldi are affordable places to go shopping.

Do you have your mind set on traveling with a motorhome in Europe? Check out Polarus for custom made journeys and rentals.  

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