7 back to basics travel trends for the adventurous traveler

Need a relaxing holiday to relieve all the stress? Replace those citytrips  or luxurious all-in holidays with an adventurous return to nature.

After a busy working year with a tight schedule full of deadlines and daily routine, a relaxing holiday is what you need. And nothing beats some time spent in the peaceful environment of nature.

Check out these 7 back to basics travel trends.

1. Roadtrip with a retro campervan


Vanlife has become a new cultural movement nowadays, but not everyone is made to spend the rest of their lives in a small, minimalistic space. However, a short holiday in a retro campervan would give you the taste of vanlife. A retro Volkswagen campervan is a perfect house on wheels to spend your holiday in. No need to book accommodations or plan your trip into detail. Just hit the road and see where you end up.

2. Hike a long-distance trail


This is extremely popular among people who are at a milestone in their lives and want some time alone in nature to reflect on their life decisions. Santiago de Compostela is a often-made choice, though a bit crowded. Others decide to hike a beautiful nature trail such as Torres del Paine, West Highland Way or Walkers Haute Route.

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3. Camping in nature

Finland Karhunpolku

Campsites tend to be small villages of campers and tents lined up closely next to each other. More and more travelers try to avoid these by looking for beautiful places in nature instead. Therefore they need to survive without wifi, pools and restaurants. Fortunately, the scenery of trees, mountains and lakes makes well up for it.

4. Canoeing on Swedish lakes


Sweden has become a popular travel destination nowadays. Reason is the thousands of beautiful lakes dotted in the forests. Several organizations offer multi-day canoe trips on some of the largest lakes, giving you the chance to retreat into a serene and beautiful nature landscape. A must-do adventure!

5. Treehouse holiday


For those who want to see nature from a birds point of view. A treehouse holiday is a great way to spend some relaxing time in nature. This concept has become a real trend due to Instagram and the growing number of splendid accommodations.

6. Life-changing achievements


During my travels I met several people who went on doing the same challenge as I did, just to complete a bucket list item. To succeed in a life-changing achievement. Whether it’s doing a long-distance trail or conquering a mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is renowned as the highest ‘walkable’ mountain in the world. Climbing the Roof of Africa is indeed life-changing, though there are people who are pushing boundaries by climbing Mont Blanc or Aconcagua as well.

7. Wildlife encounters


Since we’ve all started hating zoos and animal parks there are fewer options to catch a glimpse of wildlife. Sure, a safari in Kruger Park will allow you to see a lion or antelope in the wild, but there is way more wildlife to discover. Kayaking with whales has become a major bucket list item for many people, while swimming with whale sharks, white sharks or crocodiles are popular as well. As is gorilla tracking in Uganda. The archipelago Spitsbergen north of Norway, is your destination if you wish to see the endangered polar bear.


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