Adding Up The Numbers – The True Cost of Getting Injured On Your Travels

Going on holiday is something that everyone needs to try and experience at some point in their life. However, the costs can soon add up, even when planning a budget break! You have to think about flights, accommodation, and planning for the worst – such as an injury or accident. Now, the chances of this happening can vary depending on the sort of travel experience you are having. In many cases, it is a very low chance, but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare. Shockingly, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) revealed that 10 million travellers flocked abroad without the right cover last year! Let’s look more closely at the cost of getting injured abroad, and how to tackle this.

What are you doing?

Most of the time it can depend a great deal on what you are doing while you’re abroad. If it is simply a relaxing beach holiday or city break, you should be fine with a basic level of insurance. However, something like mountaineering and other adventurous activities can put you in more imminent danger. If you find yourself hanging from a mountain or glacier, and you know how to make a Texas Prusik, then great. If not, you could wind up hurting yourself pretty badly, and this is going to cost you a lot of money. Consider whether you need any extras before opting for travel insurance, as you might find that hanging off a mountain isn’t covered with your basic policy!

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What are the circumstances?

It is important to keep your circumstances in mind as well when you are travelling. You need to factor into account your personal situation, as well as who you are flying with. For example, if you have a family, then will your children be covered on your policy or are they extra? If you’re driving when you get there, are you aware of the laws in your destination? (1Cover’s Secret Traveller has a guide to driving abroad.)

These are the kinds of things you need to know about in advance, before working out how much it is to get covered. You might have to fork out a little more on extras to cover your circumstances, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Especially when you find out how much getting injured could really cost you.

What if emergency strikes?

The worst-case scenario for many travellers is that emergency strikes, and there is an injury or illness that requires immediate treatment to deal with. It is easy to think this won’t happen to you, but there is always a chance that it will. The costs of this sort of treatment without travel insurance can be eye-wateringly expensive. For instance, a holidaymaker who broke their arm in Spain had to cough up a staggering £11,000 for treatment. Hospital bills in the USA can reach north of $10,000 per day, and repatriation home can cost around $100,000! This is very much the tip of the iceberg too, so make sure you are always prepared financially before you travel.

At the end of the day, it largely depends on where you are travelling to, and what you will be doing on your travels. If there’s a whole group of you planning on base jumping off a mountain, expect your insurance premiums to be higher. However, you’ll find yourself with more cover for accidents related to adventures, which could save you thousands in the long run. If you think we’ve missed out anything crucial please let us know in the comments section.

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