Top things to do in Croatia

At the end of the month I’m guiding another group along some of Croatia’s finest places and adventures. I had the opportunity to do the same last September and had an amazing time in this incredible country. Here are some of the best things to do while you are in Croatia.

Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is utterly beautiful, amazing, and any superlative you can think of. But overly crowded! It ruins the experience in my opinion. However I’m not saying you shouldn’t visit this national park. No, as there is one way to avoid the crowds no matter the time of the year. The park opens at 7am, the time when most tourists are still in their hotel having breakfast. So to avoid the crowds head early. Thank me later.

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A must for those who love the series Game of Thrones, but worth the visit no matter what. The old part of the city is really a feast for the eyes, it is even one of the best preserved historical cities in the world and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you walk over the city walls of Dubrovnik you will be overwhelmed by beautiful views. You not only look out over the city, but also over the sea. Another option is to kayak in the sea and get unique views on the city.

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Paklenica National park

Not often found on the list of things to do in Croatia, but it was my personal highlight of the trip. Paklenica National Park is situated nearby Zadar, close to the coastline. Surprisingly it has several mountain peaks that are a hotspot for hikers and climbers. The most popular hike is the one through Velika Paklenica-canyon towards the mountain hut.



Island hopping

The Dalmatian coast is home to hundreds of islands that are worth a visit. While it’s easy to visit them by car, it’s more fun to go on a sailing or kayaking island hopping trip. The islands Mjlet (with the salty lakes), Hvar and Korcula are well worth a visit.


Packraft the Zrmanja River

The Zrmanja river is a great way to get an adrenalin rush. With several rapids over 69 kilometers, you will experience some of the most pristine nature landscapes of Croatia. With packrafts you paddle the turqoise stream and feel the rush of rapids.

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