These Slovenian adventures earn a spot on your bucket list

Being surrounded by Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is often overlooked. However, the small country in the Balkans has everything to conquer the heart of the adventurer. From climbing snowy peaks of the Alps to rafting on the wild rivers and exploring deep caves. Here are 5 Slovenian adventures that earn a spot on your bucket list.

Supping on Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of those picturesque places that has become a hotspot for tourists because of Instagram. Main reasons are the medival castle of Bled and the church on the little island in the center of the lake, which make the settings fairylike. A great way to explore the lake is by supping or stand-up-paddling.  Bled is also ideal for practicing adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, caving and paragliding. More than enough options for a serious adrenaline rush.


Hike Vintgar gorge

The Vintgar gorge is known as one of the most beautiful sights in Slovenia. The gorge is located just outside the town of Bled, a short distance from the village of Podhom. The Radovna River flows through the gorge, which is bridged by bridges, walking paths and viewpoints that offer visitors an excellent view of the entire gorge. This is how you discover the beauty of the Vintgar gorge in all its glory. These hiking trails not only offer a panoramic view of the waterfalls and the impressive river, but also of the stone bridge that is part of the Bohinj train line.

Tip! Combine a trip to Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge

Climb the Triglav

The Triglav is with its 2864 meters altitude the highest mountain in Slovenia. It is located in the national park of the same name that is part of the Julian Alps. There are around twenty different routes that lead to the peak, but unless you have experience with mountain climbing, it is better that you stick to the standard trail that starts from the Pokljuka plateau in southwest Bled. To reach the top and get back down, it takes around twelve hours. So a serious challenge. That is why it is recommended to spend the night in one of the two mountain huts near the summit.



No matter how small Slovenia is, the country has thousands of caves. Some of these caves are also counted among the most beautiful in Europe. Slovenia owes this enormous wealth of caves to the Karst area, which contains many underground rivers and lakes. Of these thousands of caves, the Postojna, the Škocjan and the Križna jama are very beautiful and well-known. Postojna is very touristy, so our recommendation would go to the Krizna Jama cave that requires visitors to explore parts of it in a rubber dingy. It is the most natural cave with no tourist attractions which allows for a true caving experience. Maybe you will even see bats, cave worms or cave spiders. For an unique experience you can book a 4-7 hour tour which brings you to 21 underground lakes.

Raft the Soca

Though not the wildest of all rafting options in Europe, it may well be one of the most scenic ones. The Soça river that flows through the valley of the same name extends all the way from the Julian Alps to Nova Gorica. That also explains the blue color of the water that makes its way to the Adriatic Sea. The azure blue color in contrast with the green environment is a sight that you must see to believe it. The best place to do whitewater rafting is Bovec,  a place where the river flows to the Adriatic Sea at breakneck speed.



Tip! Book an Adventure day in Soca Valley


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