How do you earn money while traveling?

digital nomad

Earlier I posted a blog about how you can save money to go on a trip and how you can save money during your trip. But wouldn’t it be more fun to make money while traveling so that your vacation never has to end?

Here are some ways to earn some money while traveling.

Teach English abroad

People who travel often have a good chance that they also speak English. Certainly in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, China and South Korea, they are often looking for people who are mastering the English language. The same applies to Latin America. MyTefl is a website with numerous vacancies abroad. To be eligible for the job you need a diploma that you can obtain through their website.

Work in a hostel

Working in a hostel is perhaps one of the best jobs you can do abroad. You are constantly surrounded by travelers and backpackers, giving you the feeling of a holiday even while working. A job in a hostel can be very varied. You can sit at the reception, at the bar or even as a travel guide.

Work as a travel guide

A job that I also do for a few months a year. Not only are you paid to travel to the most beautiful locations, but you can also transfer your passion for travel to your group. The only thing you need is a sense of adventure, responsibility and be able to solve problems when they occur.


Rent your home with Airbnb

Whoever travels for a long time will not only think of how he might earn money on the way, but also what he will do with his home while he is abroad. With Airbnb you can solve two problems at once. This way you can rent out your home via the platform for the periods you want.

Do you want to rent your home? Then register via this link and receive 9 € extra after you have received your first guests. Also read our blog about how you can rent your home from abroad.

Work as a ski instructor

Do you like winter sports? Then a job as a ski instructor might be your dream job. Every winter, numerous resorts look for enthusiastic people with the right skills to help newcomers take the first steps in sport. On this website you will receive training and you are guaranteed a job offer.

Work as a Digital Nomad

My personal favorite (not just because I do this part-time), because working as a digital nomad ensures that you can work location-independently as long as you have access to the internet. For example, you can develop your own travel blog and earn money with affiliate links, or you can get started as an online freelancer. Popular websites to get started as a freelancer are Fiverr and Upwork.

Register here on Fiverr

What ideas do you have to make money while traveling?



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