Hikes in Norway that will leave you breathless!

Those who have visited Norway already have made up their mind of coming back at some point. And those who haven´t been here, have the Scandinavian destination high on their bucket list. With impressive fjords, rugged mountains and a wilderness scattered with hiking trails, this is a paradise for anyone that loves hiking.

I´ve been lucky enough to visit Norway on three different occassions the last few years and have made a list of stunning hikes that will leave you breathless, literally and figuratively.

Trails in Fjord Norway


Preikestolen is one the top attractions of Norway as this rock plateau offers an incredible view over the Lysefjord. The hike is not the longest, nor the most difficult making it a very popular location. It takes experienced hikers about an hour and a half to reach the Preikestolen.



The Lysefjord is home to two hiking trails that are amongst the best in Norway. While Preikestolen is a moderate hiking trail, the one to Kjerag might be a bit more challenging. The trail to the mountain Kjerag consists of three steep climbs that will require some scrambling. Chains are placed for aid on the steepest sections. When at the top, the view over the fjord is amazing, but most people come here to step on the notorious Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedges in between two cliffs. Under the rock is a void of 1084 meters above Lysefjorden. Do you dare to step on the kjeragbolten?



Trolltunga in Norway is a remarkable stone formation that protrudes almost horizontally from the mountains. It is located about 350 meters above the Ringedalsvannet, near Odda.

The hike to Trolltunga is often underestimated. Take into account about 8 to 10 hours of walking (there and back). This is a long trip and certainly not “just” a walk. Make sure you have enough warm clothes with you when the weather turns. What happens regularly in the Norwegian fjords.


Interested in hiking these trails? Purchase our e-guide Classic Hikes in Fjord Norway and plan your hike to Preikestolen, Kjerag or Trolltunga. 

Hardangervidda mountain plateau

The Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in Europe in the Hardanger region in western Norway. This region has an alpine climate all year round and is home to one of the largest Norwegian glaciers – Hardangerjøkul. Much of the plateau is a protected area as part of the Hardangervidda National Park. There is an abundance of marked trails for hiking and mountaineering in the area. The best destination if you are looking for multi-day trails away from the crowds.

Trails in Jotunheimen National Park


This mountain trail is located in the Jotunheimen National Park where 29 of the highest mountains in Norway are located, including the very highest: Galdhøpiggen of 2,469 meters. From this top you have a beautiful view in all directions over Jotunheimen. The hike takes about five hours to complete.

Galdhøpiggen - Jotunheimen National Park

Bessegen trail

One of the most beautiful, and therefore one of the most popular, hikes in Norway is the one on the Besseggen ridge. This spectacular and beautiful day trip of about 14 kilometers takes you over a rugged mountain ridge with phenomenal views of the 2,000 meter high peaks of Jotunheimen. About 30,000 tourists make this trip every year. However, the walk is not “easy”. On average it takes 6-7 hours and the tour has considerable climbs and sections.

Guided hike over the Besseggen Ridge


Musk ox trail

The Dovrefjell mountain area forms a natural boundary between the southern and central regions of Norway. This is a wonderful walking area for experienced hikers. It is advisable to bring the right equipment because the cabins – if they are already present – are often unmanned and at a great distance from each other. Some parts are also missing paths. As a reward, in this area you have the chance to spot musk oxen that have chosen Dovrefjell as their home base.

Dovrefjell National Park in Noorwegen: Tips en bezienswaardigheden ...

The Lofoten

Fløya trail

This trail is located near Svolvear in the Lofoten and offers one of the most breathtaking views in all of Norway. The mountain forms the backdrop and is a steep climb up. Daredevils can climb to Svolvaergeita which is a pinnacle that is very popular by rock climbers.

Svolvær geita, Norway



Reinebringen is without doubt the most popular hike in the Lofoten Islands. The  steep trail takes hikers up the mountainside to a ridge high above Reine village. From this viewpoint you can the typical Lofototen Instagram picture.

Due to the incredible popularity of the trail, erosion has caused some serious damage to the landscape. A project was started in 2016 with Sherpas laying stone steps up the mountainside. By early summer 2019 steps were laid almost to the top, but the summit is still to be secured. While the steps make the trail more sustainable and safer than before, good footwear is required, so be prepared and take care.

HEADER View-from-Reinebringen-Lofoten - Norske



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