New Zealand: an adventurous destination for thrillseekers

New Zealand is synonym for unspoilt nature that ranges from big waves to snow-capped mountains. A great setting to hike or surf, but the Kiwi’s have better plans. They are some of the most friendly and easy-going people that are willing to give you an extra confidence boost to make that leap of faith. Here are five adrenaline pumping adventures for thrillseekers.


If you think rugby is the national sport in New Zealand, think again. In a country where you can go skydiving even before breakfast, there is little doubt about how much Kiwis love thrilling adventures. Plummeting to the earth after having jumped out of an airplane is insane and can only be justified if you do it with a nice backdrop. Fortunately, New Zealand has plenty of those.

Bungy jumping

Another adventure that gets you falling to the ground (and up again, and down again, you get the point) is bungy. In Queenstown you’ll find the Kawarau Bridge, the site of the world’s first commercial bungy jump. If bungy jumping is on your list, make sure to do it here.

Bungy jumping (source:


Are you also starting to believe that jumping off high places is an unofficial national sport in New Zealand? Well with this sport you’re not actually falling towards the ground but you are soaring through the air at high speed…after having jumped of a high place offcourse.

White water rafting

Since you are never that far from a fast-flowing river, conquering rapids during white water rafting is a major thing in New Zealand. They have rapids starting at a gentle grade I till the  highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world in Rotorua (7 meter). Let’s see if you make it without capsizing.


This one seems like fun. As long as you don’t think too much about it. Getting into a plastic ball and roll down a hill is a must try if you are in New Zealand. Just make sure you don’t fall off a cliff.



Helihiking Fox Glacier

Your Christchurch hotel actually is a very good base if you’re planning on helihiking the Fox glacier. The glacier is situated in the Mount Cook national park, on the West Coast of South Island. The road from Christchurch to Mount Cook is a very scenic one. Allthough I’ll bet the views will get even better while your fly in by helicopter and hike Fox glacier.


If you suffer vertigo, than bungy and skydiving will not be your kind of activity but personally I think this one is even worse. If you weren’t claustrophobic to begin with, you’ll be it after you have been caving in New Zealand. They have some of the most challenging caving systems in the world. From the spectacular Waitomo Caves to the deepest sinkhole in Nelson. It feels like I’m stuck already.

Walking the edge at Auckland Sky Tower

Even if you are not in the outdoors you can have a thrilling adventure. Auckland is home to one of the most thrilling activities in New Zealand. Attach yourself to a rope (it’s not considered cheating) and walk on the edge of the observation area of the Auckland Sky tower. Be carefull, since it’s only a narrow ledge.

Walk the edge (source:

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