Finland: into the wild experience

Who hasn’t dreamt of having the ultimate ‘into the wild experience’? If you consider yourself a true adventurer, you must have thought of traveling in remote areas, spending your days hiking and paddling with no human being around you for miles. If this is what you want, Finland might have something to offer.

Day 1: Helsinki

Every trip to Finland starts in its capital, Helsinki. Don’t rush yourself to the remote areas of the country but spend a day in the crowded streets, enjoying a nice meal (while you can), before going back to basics.

Day 2: Helsinki – Patvinsuo NP

And so the adventure begins… Getting to the starting point of your adventure already is a

When hitchhiking doesn’t do the trick

tricky part. But this just tells you, you are going somewhere wild and remote, doesn’t it? Public transport will bring you as far as Uimaharju, about 40 kilometers from Patvinsuo NP. Take a cab from here or be adventurous and hitchhike the whole thing. This might work on weekends when locals spend their spare time in the national park.

Day 3-9 Hiking the Karhunpolku

Patvinsuo National Park is the start of your 133 kilometer journey to… well nowhere actually. You will be spending seven days in the woods – slash – bear territory, but don’t worry there is a big chance you will survive to tell the tale. Evenings are spent in shelters/ cabins or tents (as you prefer) and you can share your stories at the campfire.

You can plan the Karhunpolku with our e-guide

Day 10-12 Paddling the Jongunjoki

Seven days of hiking will bring you to the end of the Karhunpolku, at Teljo, which is

Paddling the Jongunjoki

basically nothing but a low-traffic road in the middle of the wilderness. There is no way to go back to civilization here, unless you get yourself a very expensive cab. Fortunately, the mighty Jongunjoki river, which you will have been walking along the last few days, will give you the option of paddling yourself back to the nearest village (albeit a very small one).

Plan your paddle journey with our Jongunjoki e-guide

Day 13: Nurmijärvi – Helsinki

After having spent ten days into the wild, you might enjoy a sauna and a warm meal in Nurmijärvi. You can use the shuttle service of your canoe provider to reach Lieksa, so you can travel back to Helsinki from there.


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