5 reasons to travel to Jordan

Jordan is a pearl in the Middle-East. With neighbouring countries such as Syria and Iraq, it doesn’t seem like an ideal holiday destination, but in opposition to most countries in the Middle-East, it is a perfect safe country to travel. Here are few more reasons why you should travel to Jordan.

1.     Petra: one of the 7 world wonders

The main reason why travelers visit Jordan is to see Petra, the rose-red city carved into rock stone. Since 2006 it is listed as one of the 7 modern world wonders. The Treasury is the best-known monument in Petra and is the first thing you catch a glimpse off after wandering through the Siq.

Tip: Buy a Jordan Pass (cost: 70-80 JOD), as this includes the heavy visa fee and entrance ticket to Petra and several other archeological sites in Jordan.

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2.     Expore Wadi Rum with a camel

Wadi Rum is a red desert landscape with rock towers emerging on the horizon. It was the setting for several movies including Lawrence of Arabia. The desert is inhabited by bedouins, a Arab nomadic people that live in tent camps all over Wadi Rum. While most travelers explore Wadi Rum with a 4×4, a camel ride with a Mars-like landscape in the background is just something you need to experience.


3.     Float the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is situated partially in Jordan and partially in Israel. It is the lowest place on Earth (400m below sea level) and basically is a huge salt lake. The water is so salty that life in the sea is impossible. For tourists it is a lot of fun, since it means you can float without effort and there are spa treatments in the resorts nearby.


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4.     Spend the night in a bedouin camp

Wadi Rum is one of the best places to see a star sky, so that is one reason for spending the night in a bedouin camp. Another one is to experience the traditional lifestyle of this desert people. You can opt for staying in a luxury tent camp or a basic tent camp. Booking your overnight is possible via Booking.com


5. Perfect for a short holiday

All of the main attractions of Jordan are located in the south and are easily reachable by public transport or by rental car in no more than 3 hours. Most itineraries include a visit to Amman, Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum and take no more than a week. So it’s perfect for a short holiday.


What is your favorite thing about Jordan?

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