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Guide to hiking the trails of Petra

Petra is one of the highlights of Jordan. Explore the ancient site and feel like Indiana Jones when hiking the different trails of Petra.

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5 reasons to travel to Jordan

Jordan is a pearl in the Middle-East. With neighbouring countries such as Syria and Iraq, it doesn’t seem like an ideal holiday destination, but in opposition to most countries in the Middle-East, it is a perfect safe country to travel….

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The Naked Truth of Petra, Jordan

Petra wasn’t re-discovered by 1812 because local tribes held this place as a secret because they feared people from all over the world would come and treasure-hunt this place. Boy, were they right!

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Als Indiana Jones in Petra

Indian Jones achterna in Petra, een van de zeven wereldwonderen

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Why I failed at the Jordan trail

“Hoe cool zou het niet zijn als je ginder aan een kameel kunt geraken om je te vergezellen tijdens je tocht?” Toegegeven, dat zou wel een erg coole manier geweest zijn om (toch voor een stuk) door Jordanie te trekken….

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What I am about to do in Jordan

I am spending about 40 days in the desert of Jordan. That is way more than the average tourist

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