Why you should start climbing mountains

Mountaineering is a high-risk sport. Still, climbing mountains attracts adventurers all over the world. Why do so many people risk their lives to reach the summit of a mountain? Or conquer a steep face along a difficult or new route? Here are a few reasons why.

 ‘Because it is there’

‘Because it is there.’, is the famous answer of mountaineer George Mallory when they asked him in 1923 why he had decided to make an attempt to climb as the first person ever Mount Everest. Ironically, one year later the highest mountain in the world would be his last resting place. Still, the answer explained quite well why mountaineers want to climb mountain. In the first place they want to do something that is fun, but they like the challenge they get as well.

Facing the challenge

Mountaineering offers a whole set of physical as well as mental challenges one needs to face in some of the most beautiful environments in the world. Completing these challenges successfully, offers a huge feeling of satisfaction. But where is the satisfaction in climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro where thousands of people have summited before you? In most cases it’s not about conquering a peak or route as the first person ever, but it’s to accomplish a personal goal by exploring your own boundaries.

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You will feel like an explorer

But besides pushing your physical limits there are a few more reasons why people are attracted by the mountains. The mountains are some of the most impressive locations in the world and offer the feeling of being in a remote and pristine environment. Once on the summit of a mountain, you will be able to enjoy some of the best views on this wilderness.

Personal growth

Mountaineering not only stimulates skills like working as a team and solving problems along the way, but gives you the chance to get yourself a bit better. How do you respons in certain situations you never have to deal with on sea level? During a mountaineering expedtition, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop or expand your decision-making and leadership skills. Mountaineering can be compared with real life where you need to reach your goals as well.


Not convinced? Some funny reasons why you should start climbing mountains:

  • Tired of being defeated by jars
  • Internet not currently working
  • Instagram likes
  • Inability to sleep past 2 a.m. perfect for alpinism
  • Terrified of solid ground
  • Want to be like hero: Sylvester Stallone in “Cliffhanger”

Do you have more reasons why you should climb mountains? 

2 Comments on “Why you should start climbing mountains

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  2. Really nice post!

    Climbing and general mountaineering activities is an activity that involves the body but mostly the mind! Since the moment I ve started with alpine climbing, I have changed many things on my daily routine …for the better.

    Again, very nice post and thanks for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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