This is how you should spend Halloween this year!

I love Halloween. I love watching horror movies, getting scared and doing spooky stuff. So Halloween seems like a perfect holiday for me. However, ever since I went on a ghosthunting tour in England and spend a night in a haunted mansion, little seems to be getting me really spooked. Fortunately there are a few other great ways to spend your Halloween this year.

Attend a Halloween party in the castle of Dracula

If you like Halloween, there is no better place to celebrate than here. Every year, during the last weekend of October, Bran Castle opens its gates for vampire and ghost lovers until midnight when the Halloween party starts.

You can book your ticket for the party here

Go on a Savannah Ghost tour

Savannah is considered one of America’s most spooky cities. With several historic cemeteries, old mansions and former battlefields and ghostly stories, there is no wonder people often feel here they are haunted by the paranormal. Visit Andrew Low House – known for his paranormal presence – as well as Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery on the infamous River Street.

Book a Savannah ghost tour

Go on a lively ghost tour

If it can be a bit more lively than just some scary stories, there are plenty of places where you can book Halloween tours where you get spooked by professional actors. In Frankfurt you can go on the Bad Homburg tour where you will be waited by two masked men.  Do you dare to follow these dark men to the port area?

Book the Bad Homburg tour in Frankfurt

Experience a special Halloween torchlight procession

What’s better to get the real Halloween feel than by joining a torchlight procession while being entertained by ghost stories based on true events?

Book a torchlight procession in Cologne

Go underground in Edinburgh

From own experience, I can share with you that there are no better story tellers than Scotsmen. They really know how to bring scary stories to live just by using words. Add the numerous spooky stories and events that haunt the past of Edinburgh and you got yourself a perfect Halloween night!

Go underground in Edinburgh

Attend a real ghost vigil

Are you one of those daredevils that doesn’t get scared easily? Than maybe you should go for the real deal instead. England is home to several ghost vigils in abandoned buildings. Trust me it’s not staged, which makes the experience even more scarier. You can read about our experience here. 

Got excited? Check out the best locations for a ghost hunt here!


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