Why you should spend next Halloween in England!

Call me crazy but Halloween might well be my favorite holiday of the year. For some reason I’ve a thing for scary movies, ghosts and well.. just about anything that gives you the creeps. I’ve always regretted that in Belgium Halloween isn’t celebrated in a way you see it being celebrated in the US. Fortunately, you don’t need to cross the Atlantic ocean to have a scary Halloween. No, you only need to cross the Channel.

Here is why England might well be the Halloween destination you are looking for this year.

London has an infamous reputation of violence and murder

Who hasn’t heard of Jack the Ripper? This infamous murderer has been a dark part of London’s history as he made the streets unsafe during the Victorian ages. With a Jack the Ripper walking tour you can travel back in tome to the murderous street of London’s past. Enter the world of violence and prostitution menaced by the infamous Jack the Ripper and learn about London’s dark history on an evening walking tour.


You can find the world’s most haunted village in England

Even better, the village of Pluckley is only a short ride from London or Dover if you’re coming from mainland Europe. This quaint countryside village may seem pretty innocent in daylight, but has quit a reputation when it comes to ghosts. It is mentioned in the Guinness book of records for having the most ghosts roaming the streets. From the ghost of a schoolmaster found hanging by children to a screaming man who fell to his death at the local brickworks or the haunted pub The Black Horse. To get things worse, the nearby woods are referred to by locals as the Screaming Woods. Do you dare to spend the night in a tent in these woods on Halloween?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pluckley

…but even London has its share of ghosts

Only have time to spend a few days in London during Halloween? That might be enough for a few scary tales. Why not enjoy a few hear hair-raising stories of notorious hauntings and hangings gone wrong or learn of some of London’s most notorious grave-robbers and criminals during a Haunted Pub Walking Tour?

london 2hour haunted pub walking tour

You can spend the night in Britain’s most haunted castle

Ask any paranormal investigator about Chillingham Castle and a shiver will run down their spine. When it comes to paranormal activity, this castle in Northumberland has quite a reputation. We spent the night here in 2015 and witnessed some bizarre activity. Not for the faint of hearted!

Chillingham Castle

For those who aren’t frightened easily:

Attend a vigil in a haunted place

England is scattered with haunted locations. Some of the most notorious ones are often investigated by paranormal investigators. And you can join them! Believe me, it’s not a tourist trap of such sort. They need the extra people to be able to rent the location for the night, as some of the locations are quite immense and expensive. The Ancient Ram Inn is a haunted locations that gave us the creeps even in daylight. But as most vigils take place at night, you will be guaranteed to have some very scary experiences!

You can book your vigil with Haunted Rooms


Learn more about how to prepare for your first ghost hunt

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