An honest letter to 2019

I’m not gonna lie. The last months of 2018 have been quite harsh to me. Frankly, if I was writing a book about it, it would have been titled ‘a series of unfortunate events’. With the worst one being the break-up between my girlfriend and I after a relationship of 4,5 years and 6 years of friendship.

The break-up with my fellow-adventurer has put doubts in my head. Lots of doubts. Even about this blog, since the experiences written here were more like ‘our adventures’ instead of just ‘my adventures’. The past five years we’ve lived a lifetime of experiences. From walking the ‘Dodentocht van Bornem’ and our ghost hunting experience during our journey across the UK to climbing the second highest peak in Switzerland. For five years, we were legen – wait for it – dary. We’ve pushed eachothers boundaries during this course of adventures. The highlight probably was during our kayak expedition in Svalbard when we encountered beluga whales and polar bears up close! And this are only just a few of our best life moments shared.

IMG_20180914_134157363 (1)

Scandinavian trip

Our break-up doesn’t only mean an end to a history of great moments, but it affects the future as well. 2019 was supposed to be the year of our 1-year Scandinavian road trip with our VW bus. A trip we were looking forward to for the past three years. Obviously, we won’t be making this trip. At least not together.

What the future brings

Hard to say. I need to bring my life back in order, so this year I won’t be posting a traditional list of travel goals for 2019. Which doesn’t mean I won’t have goals to set. So far I have a few things I’m sure I will be doing this year.

This includes:

Writing my second book. Starting from Sunday I will post my new book part-by-part for the next coming months. For free. Those who wish to order a hard-copy will be able to do so afterwards.

Guiding Iceland trips. During the summer months, I will be guiding group tours in Iceland. One of the destinations that is high on my list.

Other possible goals for 2019:

Matterhorn climb. I mentioned this goals a few weeks ago. An attempt to do a winter climb of the Matterhorn is still on the list for this year. Though, financial restraints and the waiting for a weather window is what keeps this goal uncertain at this point.

Move to Sweden. This was a shared goal by us. But one I still want to do. Even though this was planned after our one year trip, I am hoping to be able to sell my appartment this year and make a move to Sweden.

Journey across Norway – Sweden. The initial plan of one year won’t work probably, but I hope to travel across Norway and Sweden for a few months. Hopefully, April to June. I would combine this with the search for a house in Sweden. But again, it depends on how the next few weeks/months work out.

What are your goals this year?








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