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Op zoek naar avontuur: IJsland en meer

The upcoming adventures…

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Best hiking locations in Scandinavia

If you love the outdoors, Scandinavia is the place to go. From dense forests, numerous lakes and rugged mountains to volcanic pools and glacier fields. Here are the best locations in Scandinavia for a hiking adventure. Jotunheimen Best hike: Bessegen…

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Why we – and you will too – love Scandinavia

Here are a few good reasons why we love Scandinavia so much. 

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The last campfire

Saying goodbye to fellow travelers with which you’ve experienced amazing days is always hard. Maybe it’s the last time they cross your life path.

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Sweden 2.0

I’m going to Sweden on Monday. I know what you think. ‘Hasn’t he been to Sweden already this year?’ That’s true and no you’re not reading an old blog. On Monday I’m going for the second time this year to Sweden.

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Norway, Sweden and Croatia

Norway, Sweden and Croatia. These are the three destinations where I will be guiding trips for Mr Yeti. Adventurous group trips! It’s fair to say that I have a lot to look forward to this summer. These are the activities I look forward to the most.

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Wildlife in Sweden and where to spot them

Since I just returned from my third visit to Sweden, I thought it might be a good idea to write an overview of the wildlife you might encounter if you spend some time in the outdoors and the best way…

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Bohusleden Part IV – Final destination, Strömstad!

Final stages of the Bohusleden. Time for a review on my thru-hike.

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